Corfield Concedes in 16th District Assembly Race


Democratic 16th District Assembly candidate Marie Corfield has conceded to incumbent Republican Donna Simon in a race that was too close to call on election day. The deadline for the receipt of mail-in ballots was extended until Nov. 19, causing the results of the race to be unknown until last week.

Corfield, a Flemington resident and teacher who is known for challenging Gov. Chris Christie at a town hall meeting, sent an email out to her supporters Friday informing them that she called Simon to congratulate her on the victory after the other votes were tallied last week.

“I want to thank my family for their unending support and all of our supporters, volunteers and dedicated staff,” Corfield wrote “We could not have come so close to winning without your efforts. No matter the challenges we faced, we stood strong together, and I am so grateful for all your help.

“Although the election has ended, I can assure you that the fight for middle class families, working families, education funding, and the right for women to make their own healthcare decisions will continue,” Corfield wrote. “And I will be here with you to stand up, ensure the issues we fought for are not forgotten, and that wehold our leaders accountable. Thank you for giving me the honor and the privilege to be your candidate for the New Jersey General Assembly.”

Corfield’s concession came after county clerks released updates vote tallies that had Simon leading her by 1,069 votes. On election day Simon, a Readington resident, led Corfield by 1,668 votes. Simon was appointed by the Republicans last year to replace longtime Assemblyman Peter Biondi, who died shortly after his reelection in 2011.

Simon’s campaign manager previously called for Corfield to concede and “spare taxpayers the cost of needlessly dragging on this process with no hopes of changing the result.” Corfield had been raising money for a review of the tallies.

The 16th District, which now includes Princeton Borough and Princeton Townships, has been a Republican stronghold but has become more competitive after the redistricting in 2011. The district became more competitive after redistricting in 2011.


  1. Let’s hope someone talks some sense into this woman the next time around. How arrogant not making a timely concession. Go Donna!

    1. Just like Bush should have conceded to Gore in 2000 or waited for the votes to be counted. Oh–that’s right, he did neither and look where that got us.

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