Show Small World Your Love: Princeton Coffee House Seeks Entries for Annual Art Show

A few of the works on display at the 2012 Love Show.
A few of the works on display at the 2012 Love Show.

Get your art featured in Princeton’s premier coffee house, have some fun, and support a great cause at the same time by participating in Small World Coffee’s fourth annual Love Show, a juried art exhibition.

Small World is still seeking entries for the show. Local artists are asked to create a piece of art that reflects their relationship with the word love. Between 40 and 45 artists will be selected to have their work displayed at Small World Coffee for the month of February.

“It’s a fun art show because there is always an eclectic mix of art,” Small World Coffee owner Jessica Durrie said, noting that all mediums cam be submitted (size limit 30 by 30 inches).

“We’ll consider a piece as long as we can find a space for the art in the shop without it getting in the way of what we do,” she said, noting that one creative love show piece was made using a card catalog.

Submissions for the show are due this Saturday. If you can’t quite make that deadline, Durrie said there is a little bit of wiggle room because of Hurricane Sandy. You should get in touch with Small World if you need to chat about the deadline. For more information about the show, rules, and how to submit your entry visit the Small World website.

Small World uses the show as an opportunity to spotlight a local non-profit organization. The goal is to spread the love within the community, and give an organization the opportunity to explain its mission and reach as many people as possible.

The 2013 Love Show will support HiTOPS, a Princeton-based non-profit that promotes adolescent health and well-being. HiTOPS provides educational programs,  wellness and prevention healthcare services for youth aged 13-26, and psychological support services to fragile adolescent populations, including survivors of sexual assault.

Small World Coffee hosts an opening party to celebrate the artists and raise money for the non-profit. Participants in the opening reception are invited to make a donation to the non-profit.  Small World Coffee also designs and produces Love Show t-shirts each year, with all the proceeds donated to the non-profit. DJs from the WPRB show Motorfunker will provide musical entertainment for the opening night so visitors can show the love in dance. Stay tuned for more information about the opening party.