Quaker Road Reopening Delayed

under-construction_iconThe reopening of Quaker Road has been delayed until the end of March, Mercer County officials confirmed today.The route is one of a few alternatives to Route 1 that drivers use to travel in and out of the Princeton area.

“The projected completion date has been moved back because of episodes of poor weather during the project period,” County Spokeswoman Julie Willmot said. “Hurricane Sandy damage delayed the project about three weeks, and following that, historic storm flooding of the Stony Brook further prohibited work on the span, delaying the project approximately another two weeks.”

Quaker Road was closed down between Province Line Road and Mercer Road starting Aug. 20 so that workers could replace the bridge over the Stonybrook. The bridge replacement project was originally expected to be completed within four to six months.

During the project, local access is still available from Princeton Pike to the Friends School, the Updike Farmstead, and private residences just north of the bridge.


  1. Have you seen it? They aren’t even replacing the main bridge that crosses the canal – just that second one after the road curves away from the canal. Beavers could have done the work faster!

  2. This is affecting negatively impacting my commute from Skillman. Before the bridge was closed I could get from my door to my office in about 15 minutes. I didn’t have to use Route 1 at all. Now my only way to get back to Princeton Pike to get home is via Province Line Road. I’m stuck in all the traffic headed for US95 and 206. It now takes me 30 minutes to travel the 8 miles home. AAAARRRHHH!!!

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