Search for Lambertville Resident Sarah Majoras Continues (Updated 2:15 p.m. Tuesday)

NHS07 - NJ Approach (8)_2013_1_26_2_6_42aThe search for Lambertville resident Sarah Majoras entered its third day today as law enforcement officials stepped up their investigation and area residents continued their own search of the Lambertville and New Hope, Pa. area and beyond.

Hunterdon County Prosecutor Anthony P. Kearns, III, and Lambertville Police Director Bruce Cocuzza said they are still aggressively investigating the disappearance of Majoras, the beloved bartender from the popular New Hope club John and Peter’s. Majoras was last seen leaving the club at about 2 a.m. Saturday.

“This is a very active investigation,” Kearns said this afternoon. “We have investigators searching on the ground, as well as dive teams searching the river and canal, and helicopters searching from the air. We have K-9 search teams involved also.”

The underwater search and an aerial search of the area are continuing today. Detectives will also continue with a targeted ground search based on intelligence that has been developed, Kearns said. Detectives have been canvassing the neighborhood looking for possible witnesses or private surveillance cameras that may have caught something. Cell phone records have also been reviewed and have not revealed any clues.

The search effort includes members of the Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office, the Lambertville Police Department, as well as Lambertville volunteer fire and rescue squad personnel, the Hunterdon County Department of Public Safety, the Corrections Division, the Sheriff’s Office, the Flemington-Raritan Rescue Squad, the New Jersey State Police Missing Person Unit, the New Jersey State Police Marine Division, the New Jersey State Police Aviation Unit, and the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office Dive & Rescue Team.

“It’s a small town,” Kearns said. “It is possible that someone saw her. Hopefully we’ll get a phone call with some information.”

Kearns added that at this time, there is no evidence of  foul play, but all possible scenarios are being looked into by investigators. Further updates will be released as information is developed, he said.

The Lambertville Police received a call at 2 p.m. Saturday  from the boyfriend of Majoras, Adam Baker, reporting that Majoras was missing. Majoras was not working  at John and Peter’s Friday night, but was hanging out there with friends. They described her as being in good spirits that night and said she had only had a few drinks. Majoras headed for home from New Hope on foot at about 2 a.m. Video footage shows she crossed the free bridge around 2:30 am.

Police and rescue crews have been searching for Majoras since Sunday. On Sunday and Monday, rescue divers searched the canal, one of the ways Majoras may have walked home after leaving the club. During the search yesterday, rescue workers found a pair of eyeglasses, but they later confirmed the glasses did not belong to Majoras. A state police marine unit has been using sonar equipment as part in the search.

Majoras is 5’ 4” tall, weighs 140 pounds, has blue eyes and blonde hair. She was and was last seen wearing blue jeans, brown leather boots, white cap, and a camouflage jacket. Anyone with information should contact the Lambertville Police Department at (609) 397-3132.

The case has drawn international attention, with newspapers in Europe and Canada reporting on the disappearance. A Facebook page called Find Sarah Majoras that was started by volunteers to help with search efforts has attracted almost 9,000 followers in just over 24 hours. People are also posting information about the case on Twitter with the hashtag #findsarah. Volunteers gathered at the Rago Auction Center this morning to search the area again. Organizers are asking that anyone with old hats, scarves, gloves and socks that they don’t need anymore drop them off at the auction center so volunteers can warm up after trekking through wet and muddy conditions.

The prosecutor’s office this afternoon released camera footage of Majoras crossing the bridge into Lambertville in the hope that it will help with the search.

“Security cameras on the New Hope-Lambertville Bridge recorded her crossing the Delaware River and turning north on Lambert Lane,” Kearns said. “A still photo of Ms. Majoras crossing the bridge is being released in hopes it may trigger someone’s memory if they saw her that night.”

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  1. I noticed the car in the photos Did that car stay stationary after she left….are there other cars that go past after she crossed this street….wondering if she was followed…

  2. In regards to Kimberly’s comment the front of the car in the stills has no reflection of light then the front is lit up by license plate. Was there a car approaching from the bridge after she crossed the street? Is there a pic of that car passing her as she crosses the street?

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