Police: Some Plainsboro Schools Still in Lockdown (Updated 3:20 p.m.)

Police have issues statements twice declaring the lockdown was lifted at all Plainsboro schools, only to reissue new information minutes later saying the lockdown is still in effect at some schools.

According to the most recent alert by police at about 3 p.m., lockdowns remain for West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North, Millstone River, Community Middle School, and Wicoff Elementary. The lockdowns will be in effect beyond dismissal. Police will remain on site at all the schools. In the schools on lockdown, all after-school activities are canceled. All sports events at Community Middle School are canceled. All early sports events at WW-P North are canceled. Police are still reviewing sports events for 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. The program of studies program for grade 8 parents will be held at WW-P Northat 7 p.m.

A lockdown at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South ended at about 2:45 p.m. The lockdown, which began around 2 p.m., was a precautionary measure, police said.

The lockdown went in to effect after a suspicious male and female were spotted in the woods in the area of Millstone Pond, West Windsor Police said. The two were in possession of hunting rifles and then left the view of law enforcement. Police believe the two are duck hunters, and said duck calls were heard in the area. A state police helicopter searched the area, and Plainsboro and West Windsor officers are still looking for the pair, who appear to have left the area.

West Windsor officers are stationed at every crossing and the high school parking lot, police said. School buses will arrive late because of the incident, police said. Parents who normally pick their children up from school should arrive at the regular time, police said.


  1. Reminds me of the terrorist alert system. The headline screams “Lockdown” then the reader is whipsawed to “precautionary lockdown”.

    1. We changed the headline to reflect your concern. We were not trying to be sensationalistic, just used wording from the police. Thanks.

  2. The media is stupid an im kinda tired of it..”hunting riffles”we dont use riffles in nj to hunt get it right!!

    1. Give them a break, a rifle vs a shotgun is no big deal when Jesse Jackson is claiming that “Assault Rifles” can shoot down aircraft and blow up trains.

  3. If the police believe the two to be duck hunters, why are the schools in lockdown? Would witnessing the responsible use of firearms be more than the children could bear?

    If it’s not a legal hunting area, how could the police possibly lose sight of two armed people?

      1. People with long guns near a school is nothing to speculate about.

        I would hope that they review their threat assessment procedures

  4. Is anyone else slightly concerned that the cops couldn’t catch up with these two ‘hunters’ and maybe ask them what they were doing? You know, with a helicopter? It makes me wonder, if there was a real shooter, would these cops be up to the job of catching him? If I lived in Plainsboro-WW, I would be wondering if the town was equipped to deal with a real emergency.

    1. That was my concern. The story doesn’t make a great deal of sense (not PP fault, they’re just reporting what the police revealed)

      Two people with long guns near a school. Close enough to determine sex. Police “speculate” they’re hunters, but lockdown the schools.

      Is hunting legal in the area? If not, why were the two not immediately approached? If it is, why the lockdown?

  5. ***Alert***West Windsor Plainsboro Police are warning local residents to stay indoors after Bigfoot was spotted in nearby woods***

  6. **UPDATE FEB 6** Plainsboro-WW police are investigating what they ‘believe’ may be evidence of a North Korean missile attack; advise residents to go to their bunkers and wait for the all-clear siren…


    Police Dept has seen evidence that they ‘believe’ shows a restive local Native Chief may have gathered the remaining members of his tribe to threaten homesteaders in Plainsboro area. Investigations continue.

    Update: Police Dept would like everyone to know that they have the situation under control.

    Update (2): Police Dept say the situation is not under control.

    Update (3): Situation back under control.

    Update (4): Police Dept say they’re not sure if they have the situation under control or not, advise that everybody panic!

  8. Seriously though…have these guys explained what was going on Tuesday??? When they say that the hunters ‘appear’ to have left the area, does that mean, ‘despite the fact that we had a helicopter, we couldn’t find 2 people dressed in orange vests using duck whistles’?

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