Quaker Road Reopening Delayed (Again) Until Mid April

roadclosedThe reopening of Quaker Road has been delayed again, Mercer County officials confirmed today. The road is now slated to reopen around April 10, but the completion of the project could be delayed again depending on the weather.

A county spokesperson said the delays have been weather-related and are beyond the control of contractor Marbro, Inc., who has been working six days a week to get the job done.

The route is one of a few alternatives to Route 1 that drivers use to travel in and out of the Princeton area.

Quaker Road was closed down between Province Line Road and Mercer Road starting Aug. 20 so that workers could replace the bridge over Stony Brook. The bridge replacement project was originally expected to be completed within four to six months, but then Hurricane Sandy struck. The new estimate for the road to reopen was late March or April 1, but continued bad weather keeps pushing the project back.



      1. The extra time is one problem, but having to turn left from Princeton Pike onto Province Line without a filter light is really dangerous at times. Cannot wait for this to reopen.

  1. It’s a good thing they started it in August and expected to complete it by December to February. There are never any weather related issues in the heart of winter… I heard that Princeton is planning on hosting an igloo building contest that will start in May and hopefully be completed by the 4th of July.

  2. At least they haven’t managed to blow the road up, like the contractors at Ewing Street did.

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