Princeton Council to Review Alternate Route 1 Improvement Proposal Tomorrow Night

Route 1 alternate "Princeton Plan"
Route 1 alternate “Princeton Concept”

An alternate proposal to improve the traffic flow along the Route 1 corridor in the Princeton, West Windsor and Plainsboro area will be discussed at the Princeton Council meeting tomorrow night (Monday, April 8)  in the main meeting room of the municipal complex at 400 Witherspoon Street. The Council will meet in closed session at 6 p.m. and then hold its public session.

The  new Route 1 proposal, called “the Princeton Concept”, calls for the creation of some new connector roads that run parallel to Route One on both sides of the highway, as well as a new connector road on the east side of Route 1 that runs parallel to Fisher Place. Two new jughandle-like connector roads also would be created at a new traffic light north of Washington Road. A new traffic circle would be created in the Fairview Avenue neighborhood in West Windsor.

A new traffic light and the two jughandles that were proposed recently by the NJDOT between Washington Road and Harrison Street have been eliminated in this proposal. The traffic light at Washington Road has also been eliminated as part of the concept plan.

The concept was prepared after area mayors met to discuss the NJDOT’s recent proposal and alternatives. The plan is only a draft for review and discussion.The diagram was prepared by the West Windsor Engineering Department.

West Windsor residents who live in the Penns Neck area reacted with shock when seeing the concept plan today. They had not seen it yet and some were surprised and upset to see a circles proposed for a residential area.

A full-size image of the Princeton Concept can be viewed by following the link.




  1. Not only would it be hell for Fairview and Fisher, it maintains Washington Road as a main road into Princeton Junction as there is no right turn from Route 1 onto the new bypass.
    Essentially, this plan would only spread the misery of traffic throughout Penn’s Neck as opposed to Washington Road alone. There
    should be a balance when it comes to planning and this is far from balanced. A
    simple modification to this plan would at least improve the flow and remove the
    need of a new circle in Penn’s Neck. As follows, eliminate the right on Washington
    road from Rt 1 and move the proposed new bypass slightly north to incorporate
    the right turn at this location. This would also eliminate the need for the
    circle at Fairview. Access to Penn’s Neck would be from the new Fisher Place
    connection which could also connect to Fairview. This would at least eliminate
    the circle in the middle of our homes. The proposed plan literally surrounds
    Penn’s Neck with high speed traffic; can’t we at least limit it to one

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