West Windsor-Plainsboro High South Make U.S. News and World Report Top 10 List

WW-P High South
WW-P High South

Three of the top 20 high schools in New Jersey are located in the Princeton area, according to the U.S. News and World Report 2013 rankings. Princeton did not make the list this year after ranking 10th in the state last year and 196th in the country.

West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North, and Montgomery High School all made the cut for the 2013 list of state rankings. High School South was ranked 8th in the state, High School North was ranked 16th, and Montgomery High was ranked 20th.

West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South was the only traditional high school in the state to rank in the top 10. The school was ranked 162th nationally.

The publication ranked 54 high schools in New Jersey. The others were listed as unranked.

Schools were ranked based on college readiness, student-teacher ratio, and  performance on state language and math scores.


  1. Not to take away from North’s and MHS’ accomplishment, but does anyone know why PHS isn’t on there? Based on the numbers from the profile when you search for the school it should be ranked higher than North and closer to 100th Nationally.

    1. Apparently there is a a small demographic group of students at PHS that did not see an increase in test scores commensurate with the statewide average increase seen among similar students.

  2. WWPHSS is a fantastic school, but could use some renovating. New floors, lockers, paint and furniture are long past due for such a stellar academic environ.

  3. As an alumni I can confirm the WW-P school district is overrated…the students that go here are brilliant and have to fight hard to get into accelerated classes. Most of the teachers are lazy and you often have to hassle them for points on your exams. Most of the district administrators are greedy as hell. The taxes we pay are ridiculous given most students have to fight teachers for recommendations into advanced classes. Furthermore at this level of tax paying why are so many kids only accepted into B-rate schools. Send your kid to a private school thats what I do.

  4. As a former graduate West Windsor (South) and a current educator..I’d like to say that i am really proud of its accomplishment. Great Job teachers and staff!

  5. I take offense to the comment that most of the teachers are lazy. As an educator at WWPHS-S for twenty years, I was always impressed with the level of professionalism and dedication of most of my fellow staff members. Check the building at 6AM and 7 PM AND YOU WILL SEE TEACHERS WORKING. Shame on that alumni! He/she must have been asleep as indicated by his/ her poorly written comments.

  6. Wwp failed me. I was more creative minded but my guidance counselor never helped me develop that skill set. I remember wanting to take an art class and she said ” oh you’ll never get into a good college with that”. I’ve since then have an accomplished and lucrative career in fashion design and the arts. I credit ZERO of that success to anything that came from Wwp. The school allowed me to be bullied by the athletic dept. I got lost in the mix of some power hungry basketball scandal that essentially left me cut from team, and thus isolated from all my friends that I played sports with. I then was bullied by the head basketball coach ( who got caught having an affair later on with another coach married coach at school and also had a lawsuit against him which he lost for bullying a girl on his team) and again the guidance counselors did nothing. I write this as a 42 year old accomplished adult. I’ve moved on. I’m happy I’m confident but I think back to WWP and I get ulcers. Sure it’s ranked top 10. But my memories of the school were tramatic. The teachers were great. But the management, guidance counselors , and phys Ed dept were horrible people. Their choices and ways of dealing with things had a huge negative impact on a 15 year old me that was just trying to find her way like all the other 15 year old. At ever turn I was severely let down. I think the last straw was the day I rcvd my diploma. When my name was announced they didn’t even pronounce it correctly. Symbolically it was the icing on the cake. I never looked back. And I never attributed any if my success to that school. I’m just happy I made it out without too much damage to my self esteem.

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