A Drone’s Eye View of the Princeton University Campus

The company that used a small drone two weeks ago to capture video for an aerial tour of the Princeton University campus has posted footage of the filming on YouTube.

The video, produced by SkyCamUSA for the admissions office at Princeton University, is just over four minutes long.

Check it out and see the campus from a new, sometimes dizzying perspective. We wouldn’t mind having a nice little toy like that.

Editor’s Note: As of about 10 a.m. on Thursday, May 2, the video is no longer available and is private. The University had the video removed from YouTube public access. 


  1. Amazingly, I didn’t notice anyone noticing! Lots of Collegiate Gothic
    here. Not much of the new science/engineering buildings or sports
    facilities. One shot of the football stadium. Too many trees?

    1. Agreed on the trees Vicki. We were wondering if this is how a bird sees campus ; )

  2. Too bad this video was made private! It was fabulous. I hope they decide to repost and make it public. Thank you for posting-glad I had the chance to see it. It was spectacular.

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