Cat Found in Princeton at Intersection of Wiggins and Moore


Reader Sarah P. reports that a small,  short-haired black cat, male, almost got hit by cars at the corner of Wiggins and Moore Street in Princeton today and was fortunately rescued.

“The cat is incredibly friendly, and looks like it had a collar at some point that is no longer there,” she wrote. “We are feeding and sheltering the cat until the owner can be found. There is the possibility of a little neurological damage, as the cat’s legs are somewhat shaky with a slightly odd gait (although the shakiness could be from nervousness).”

If you recognize the cat, please email

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  1. His name is Freddly! Thank you so much for rescuing him. I sent you an email earlier. I can’t wait to meet you and see him again.

    1. So happy to have reunited Freddly with you, Deborah! He is such a sweet cat, and my boys would love to visit him again sometime.

      1. Anytime, Freddly loves everyone and he’d be happy to see them. Thanks again for grabbing him off the street. He isn’t the brightest cat I’ve ever met!

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