New Low-Cost Energy Assessment Program Available for Princeton Residents

sustainableprincetonUp to one hundred Princeton homeowners will receive low-cost energy assessments over the next year as part of Sustainable Princeton’s new EnergySmart Homes Campaign.  The campaign focuses on practical ways homeowners can save energy and money.

“Sustainable Princeton has been working towards a goal of achieving a 20-percent reduction in the amount of energy generated from fossil fuels in Princeton by 2020,” said Matthew Wasserman, chairman of the Board of Sustainable Princeton.”Our EnergySmart Homes Campaign streamlines the process of choosing a home energy auditor and offers home energy assessments at a reasonable rate so homeowners can easily take the first step towards home energy savings and efficiency.”

New Jersey-based Ciel Power, a certified provider of residential energy assessments and energy-efficient home retrofits,  has been selected as the contractor for the program. The cost of the program is $49 per household. Ciel Power has conducted similar municipal campaigns in Highland Park and Woodbridge.

Financial incentives are available for homeowners to upgrade insulation, and replace inefficient heating and cooling equipment. The New Jersey Home Performance Energy Star Program provides incentives of up to $5,000 in rebates and up to $10,000 in zero-interest financing to New Jersey residents who make improvements on their homes.

Energy-efficiency measures  provide numerous benefits to a homeowner including:

– Economic benefits through reduced seasonal heating and cooling costs
– Environmental benefits derived from lower overall fossil fuel consumption
– Lifestyle benefits through increased comfort in a home
– Health benefits through proper ventilation and moisture control

The Ciel Power energy assessment includes safety and efficiency testing of combustion appliances, depressurization of the home, evaluation of existing insulation levels, and a report outlining specific deficiencies and prioritized list of recommended improvements based on overall return on investment.

To schedule a home energy assessment at the discounted $49 rate, Princeton residents should call Ciel Power at 201-632-3463.