Barbour to Open Pop-Up Store on Palmer Square

BarbourBritish clothing company Barbour is opening up a pop-up store in Palmer Square on Aug. 1. The 786-square-foot store will be located at 67 Palmer Square West. J. Barbour & Sons is a century-old British company headquartered in South Shields, England.  The company produces a complete line of lifestyle clothing inspired by the British countryside, including waxed cotton and quilted jackets, and a full range of contemporary and classic knitwear, shirts, trousers, headwear and accessories.


  1. Oh good! I always complain that it’s too hard to find unaffordable clothing in Princeton.

    Princeton needs another fashion retailer like it needs another university. How about an actual thrift store? Not more overpriced consignment crap – somewhere you can get a shirt for a dollar.

    1. A shirt for a dollar? Great idea. How about a nickel burger and a $500 car while we’re at it. All power to the people.

      1. Your comment just serves as evidence as to how out-of-touch some Princeton shoppers are. You ever go to Red White & Blue in Mercerville? Can get a whole outfit for $10.

          1. Because Princeton should endeavor to present residents with an assortment of diverse shopping options, not only those accessible by the better-off among us?

            1. Crazy idea: if you think Princeton needs a thrift store, go ahead and open a thrift store.

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