Princeton Council Approves New Contract, $10,000 Raise for Administrator


The Princeton Council voted unanimously tonight to approve a new contract for Town Administrator Robert Bruschi that includes a $10,000 raise.

Under the new contract, Bruschi will earn a salary of $180,000 per year until the end of 2014, retroactive to Sept. 1.

Bruschi plans to retire by the end of 2014. A Princeton native, Bruschi previously served as the administrator for Princeton Borough and West Windsor.

Princeton Finance Director Kathy Monzo, the former chief finance officer for Princeton Township, is being groomed as a potential replacement. It is unclear whether she will replace Bruschi when he retires though, or whether the town will conduct a full search for Bruschi’s successor.


  1. Will she bring her immediate family, other relatives, and friends to work with her because nobody else applies for those positions?

  2. Please don’t tell me this is the same Monzo who hired two of her own family members to township positions without the jobs being posted for the public! The town needs to learn from past mistakes. Take advantage of this one before it’s too late.

    1. Yes RodneyA…the same one who collects full time pay in princeton while working for another municipality as a tax collector.

      1. This is just another black eye in the making for Princeton politicians. Tick tock….I’ll be watching and waiting since its only a matter of time. I’m almost happy I moved past the official town borders recently.

  3. Grooming Monzo? She and her hubby “Little Joey” Monzo are two great examples of incompetence and financial negligence in local government. They are like Boney and Clydes ripping off the taxpayers with their double and triple dipping. How can they both work 2 or 3 government paying jobs all at the same time? They are Democrat party hacks….Will th3 Tub O’Lard Christie administration finally investigate these two clowns?

  4. This guys should be prosecuted and driving this town to ditches and turning into slum. It is heart breaking to see condition of roads/traffic/ and I maintained side areas all over the town. Is there any attorney who lives in this town??

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