New Jersey Special Senate Election `Heat Map’ by County

This map, courtesy of our friends at Broadstreet Ads, contains county-by-county voter data for the special NJ Senate election on Oct. 16, 2013. Counties showing up more blue had greater support for Democratic candidate Cory Booker. Counties showing more red had greater support for Republican Steve Lonegan.

In Princeton, Booker defeated Lonegan by more than a 4-1 margin. Booker received 4,129 votes. Lonegan had 900 votes, according to unofficial results from the clerk.


  1. Clearly Booker captured the New York – Philadelphia corridor (that is, New Jersey’s more populous areas). Lonegan won rural counties.

  2. Clearly Booker won New Jersey’s New York – Philadelphia corridor (our more populous counties). Lonegan won rural New Jersey.

  3. The fact that such a huge number of New Jerseyans selected a shutdown-supporting, extremist member of the Republican caucus instead of Booker should give our new Senator some pause for thought. Booker should start doing some substantive legislating and stop behaving like a candidate in a reality TV series. Cut back on the fun runs and gonzo stunts and expand your donor base among regular joes instead of oligarchs and bankers.

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