Pinkberry Yogurt, Four More Retailers Announced for the Quakerbridge Mall

quakerbridgemallThe Simon Property Group, Inc. has announced the addition of five more new retailers to the Quaker Bridge Mall, including the popular yogurt chain Pinkberry.

Other new tenants include Lucky Brand Jeans, women’s plus-sized apparel retailer Fashion to Figure, Infinity Nails and Spa, and the eatery Crepe Celestes.

Pinkberry and Crepe Celestes are slated to open by the end of the year, with the remaining new tenants scheduled to open in early Spring 2014.

“We’re thrilled to be adding such a variety of new tenants to our roster,” Quakerbridge Mall Marketing Director Marian Kapp said. “From the best in fashion and beauty to dining, we’re always looking to attract retailers that will meet our customers’ wide range of needs.”

These new retailer announcements are the latest in the series of more than 50 new store openings at Quaker Bridge over the past year and a half.  Other new stores that will soon open include Godiva Chocolatier, J.Jill and Sleep Number by Select Comfort.


  1. Bleh. I mean, I’m glad to see that the ‘food hall’ is finally coming to life, but I hope they get in a couple more non-junk eateries.

    1. Bob, what would you like to see? I’m not being snarky – I’m genuinely curious.

      I’m having a tough time thinking of a viable option that I can’t get better and/or cheaper outside of a mall – junk or non-junk. That is, something that would draw me to the mall rather than just be a hunger-quencher out of necessity/convenience. I can handle a modest “mall tax” for decent, semi-unique grub. But not when there’s a direct competitor nearby with lower prices….I’m likely to pass.

      Maybe some REAL barbecue? German beer hall food (beer?) – and I don’t even drink beer. A reasonably priced (high value) “eat local” quick service?

      There are two non-viable places I’d go out of my way to patronize but IN-N-OUT ain’t gonna happen in a mall OR on the East coast. And we really liked Wood Ranch Grill in CA, but that’s sit-down and regional. We thought Wood Ranch provided a quality experience with really great value. I’m not sure how they managed that in super-premium malls on super-premium real estate.

      Darn. Now I’m hungry.

      1. I don’t normally go to the malls, but when I do it’s because I’m being dragged there by some unavoidable reason (my wife, bringing visitors shopping, etc). While they go do their thing, I’d like a place I can sit down, read a book, and eat food that hasn’t been heated up in a microwave, deep fried, or hasn’t sat under a heat lamp for 3 hours.

        A good idea would be to get a couple of independent, affordable eateries in there, not just more low-wage franchise chains where the management care about profit margins and the staff don’t care at all. As yet, there’s nowhere in that place to get a sandwich with fresh ingredients. Or a bagel. My coffee options are the ubiquitous overpriced starbucks or the dismal dunkin. The problem with all these malls is that they have their full scale restaurants (eg cheesecake factory), but for everything else, they just go with whatever farmed out chain crap every other mall has. There’s a middle ground, and people like me want it.

        1. Who’s going to pay mall rent to sell fresh sandwiches or bagels to people who don’t normally go to malls, people who actually go out of their way to avoid malls?

          If the product isn’t going to be a draw and is going to be the same thing you can get near by for less money, I don’t see that working.

          Now if the mall as a whole ran (or leased to) some fresh/local food places as a loss-leader, that might work. But that would cannibalize the business of the profit-making chains.

          1. I’m not disagreeing with you, I just said ‘bleh’ to the continuation of the practice 🙂

            I happened to be in there this morning (I’m one of the rare people who still shop in Sears now and again), and I see there’s now a Cinnabon and Nathan’s Famous, so, er, so much for hope.

        2. Bob, Crepes Celestes might just be what you are looking for… Cooked to order sweet and savory crepes made with fresh fruits and veggies, meats etc.

  2. I’m wondering how is the mall actually doing since remodel? I myself have no desire to go there. Read about cell phone grabs and other crimes in the paper. Most stores too pricey for my pocket.

  3. Quaker Bridge is dire, but their new Apple Store and Lucky Jeans might be enough to tempt me in. I really wish those stores had opened in Princeton instead of down on the cluster-fail that is Route 1.

  4. I can’t seem to get any information on the new Godiva outlet. I’m something of an addict, and when I called Godiva for information they knew nothing about a proposed store, and the mall was unable to provide any information.

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