More Than 100 Princeton Taxpayers Double Charged for Quarterly Tax Payments

taxbillSome Princeton residents were shocked recently to see that their charge cards and checking accounts were billed twice after their paid their quarterly municipal tax bills online.

“I was assured the money would be back in my account on Friday, but it is still gone today,” wrote one resident. “I am also surprised there was not an apology email sent out about it. Some people may not even be aware of the error.”

Princeton Administrator Robert Bruschi attributed the double charges to a computer problem. Bruschi said more than 100 people were affected by the billing error, and the town reached out to all of them as soon as officials learned about the problem.

“We thought we had it all worked out with the bank on Friday and again yesterday,” he wrote in an email to Planet Princeton. “We will make sure that the residents do not get charged any fees. If they do, they should contact us and we will make sure that they are reimbursed.”

Bruschi said all the residents who were double charged will receive refunds if they have not received a refund already.”Most people have been understanding,” Bruschi said. ” Obviously we also want to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.”