Princeton Police Blotter: Church Collection Taken, Diamond Ring Shoplifted, Baby Carriage Stolen

princetonpolice_2A representative of St. Paul’s Church on Nassau Street called police the afternoon of Nov. 26 to report that some time after mass on Sunday, Nov. 24th, an envelope containing the church collection was stolen from the rectory. The loss was estimated to be approximately $2,800. Police are investigating the theft.

A patient at Princeton House on Herrontown Road reported the evening of Nov. 26 that he was harassed and assaulted by two other patients at the facility. The victim said that while he was arguing with one patient, he was punched from behind by a second patient. The victim complained of pain as a result of the assault. No charges were filed at the time of the report.

A baby carriage was stolen from the first block of Mercer Street between 1:30 o.m. and 2:20 o.m. on Nov. 28. The victim called police on Nov. 29 to report that while visiting a Mercer Street resident the previous afternoon, they had parked a baby carriage outside the doorway of the building. Upon returning to retrieve the carriage 50 minutes later, the carriage was gone. The carriage is valued at $350.

An employee of  the Palmer Square shop Indigo called police to report that between 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. on Dec. 1, someone stole a ring from the store. The ring, a kyanite and diamond combination, is valued at just over $1,900. The suspect in the theft is described as a white female in her mid-forties, slender build, with brown hair. She was with a white male and a white teen female. Anyone with information about the theft is urged to contact the Princeton Police Detective Bureau at (609) 921-2100.

While investigating a vehicle parked near Lake Carnegie after park hours, a police officer suspected that the driver of the vehicle was in possession of marijuana. Graham Harter, 20, of Plainsboro was charged with possession of marijuana under 50 grams.

A resident of Cameron Ct. reported that she was contacted via the internet on Nov. 14 by someone wanting to purchase a painting from her for $800. The unknown actor sent a check for $2,500 and requested that the change of $1,700 be sent via Western Union. The victim sent the money to a person named Mary Lou Fairchild in Grand Prarie, TX.  The victim was later contacted by her bank and told the $2,500 check was fraudulent.  The detective bureau is investigating the incident.

A resident of Edgerstoune Road contacted police to report that on Nov. 9 she was contacted by her bank about fraudulent activity on her debit card account. A $404.94 charge was made to a Walmart in Bowie, Maryland on Nov. 8.  The victim did not make the charge to Walmart and was still in possession of her debit card. She had no idea how her account was compromised.  The detective bureau is investigating.

A sales associate from Zoe on Hulfish Street called police on Nov. 14 to report that several handbags were stolen from the store. The three bags, valued at a combined $8,555, were stolen by two people who entered the store together. One suspect is described as a black female, medium complexion, approximately 5’5″ with a medium build, early 20s, black long straight hair, last seen wearing black leggings, gray cardigan, large plaid checkered scarf, black knee high boots with silver zippers, carrying a large silver Gucci bag and wearing large framed black sunglasses. The second suspect in the store is described as a black male, medium complexion, approximately 6′, very thin, early 20s, last seen wearing baggy light blue jeans, a gray hooded sweatshirt, and a black knit hat. A third suspect, who was driving a vehicle in which the two fled, is described as a black female, about 18, with long straight black hair, last seen wearing a maroon cardigan. Anyone with information regarding these thefts should contact the Princeton Police Detective Bureau at (609) 921-2100.

A resident of the first block of White Pine Lane called police to report that some time between 5:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Nov. 14th, an unknown person entered their vehicle while it was parked in their driveway and removed their Apple Mac Book Pro. The computer is valued at $1,800.

During an investigation of a car crash at the intersection of Nassau Street and Pine Street just before 11 p.m. on Nov. 16, a Princeton resident was charged with driving while intoxicated. According to police, Allan Altamirano, 25, allegedly consumed alcoholic beverages prior to operating his vehicle. In addition to being charged with driving while intoxicated, Altamirano was charged with DWI in a school zone and reckless driving. There were no injuries in the crash.

A student at Westminster Choir College called police to report that sometime between 6:20 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Nov. 11 an unknown person stole her purse and its contents from the student dining area at the college. The total value of the loss is estimated at over $500.
During the investigation of a one-car motor vehicle crash on Quaker Road, a police officer determined that the driver had consumed alcoholic beverages prior to operating his vehicle. Steve Chaisson, who was not injured in the crash, was charged with driving while intoxicated within a school zone, reckless driving, and failure to keep right.


  1. A “Kynamite” ring? I’m almost certain that should be “kyanite,” a semiprecious mineral (which, as a mineral, wouldn’t be capitalized to begin with).

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