Sustainable Princeton 2013 Leadership Award Winners Announced

Sustainable Princeton has announced its 2013 Leadership Awards winners.  The award recipients will be honored during a ceremony at 7 p.m. Jan. 29  at the Princeton Public Library. The event will kick off the Princeton Environmental Film Festival.

The winners:

Christopher Albrecht, Executive Chef, Terra Momo – for bringing his passion for food and sustainability to everyone around him, in particular students, teachers and parents in Princeton’s public schools.

Bill Cirullo, Principal of Riverside Elementary School (Distinguished Service Award) – for creating and sustaining a school community that is a model for schools across New Jersey through its gardening education program and other sustainable initiatives.

Lauren Gully, Student, Princeton Theological Seminary – for initiating and coordinating sustainability efforts at Princeton Theological Seminary, and inspiring other individuals and institutions.

Callie Hancock, Princeton Chapter of The Citizens Climate Lobby – for organizing and inspiring others to take action on climate change in a respectful and inclusive way.

Sandy Moskovitz, Co-Chair Go Green Committee, Community Park School – for consistently modeling sustainable practices in her own life, and for inspiring students, parents, staff and teachers to do the same in other schools and institutions.

Mountain Lakes Holding Corporation – for fostering a collaborative and sustainable approach toward stewardship of Princeton’s open space and natural resources through its preservation of the Mountain Lakes House.

Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart – for its conversion to the use of geothermal energy in 100% of its academic spaces and other energy efficient actions, setting an example for its students as well as other schools and institutions.

Kurt Tazelaar and Sally Curtis, Friends of Herrontown Woods – for their energetic and inspiring work in clearing trails in 2013, making two Princeton nature preserves inviting and accessible to the public.

Anthony Teng, Student, Princeton High School – for leadership in building compost bins at Princeton schools and homes, in advocating for the municipal compost program, and in being a student ambassador for sustainability.

Gail Ullman, Princeton Environmental Commission (Distinguished Service Award) – for her long-term and important role as a liaison between the Princeton Environmental Commission and the Planning Board.