Letters: Butler a Tireless Advocate for the People of Princeton

To the Editor:

I am writing to endorse Jo Butler for reelection to the Princeton Council.

She has earned my respect and admiration for her tireless effort on behalf of the people of Princeton.

Through her independent sense of inquiry, investigation, and transparency, Jo Butler holds our local government and administration more accountable to the public. Her thoughtful, independent voice contributes constructively to the public debate of local issues, and to the spirit of checks and balances in our municipal government.

Her work as a member of the municipal council centers around keeping Princeton safe, attractive, and well-maintained, and keeping costs contained. Having worked with her, I realize that she expects the highest standards of integrity, accountability, and transparency of all of those who serve the public, including herself.

For these reasons I support Jo Butler’s candidacy whole-heartedly, and I ask my fellow Democrats to endorse her as she campaigns for reelection to the Princeton municipal council.

Patrick Simon, Democrat
Member, Princeton Council


  1. In my opinion, Jo should never have entered politics. She has made many critical errors, and even made embarrassing comments during meetings where she said the government should do something that was illegal. Luckily she was put in her place before she actually did something illegal (oh yea, she did do something illegal. 911) She has no idea of what is permitted and what is not. She thinks that her way of doing something is always right, when the right way of doing it is often the polar opposite of her thinking. She has very little communication with “the other people”, such as the Latino community or the diminishing African American community. I will say that she has very good communications and connections in the “west end” community of the uber-wealthy.

    1. She also has very good connections and communications in the less wealthy tree streets. Go Jo!

      I’m happy Jo made the 911 call. She clearly identified the call as a non-emergency at the beginning. And it enabled an answer to a public safety question that the police and town had been unable to provide a clear answer to.

      Much better than our council member who may have driven drunk and put actual lives at risk. When is he up for reelection? Oh, not for another year. And he’s part of the anti-Jo voting block.

      1. I’ve said it multiple times, too. 911 isn’t perfect, especially from cell phones. It’s complicated and getting bounced around from PSAP to PSAP is disconcerting in an emergency situation.

        And it’s not like she called 911 to report a power outage….

      2. I guess you didn’t listen to audio of the call. When the 911 operator called, she did NOT clearly identify the call as non-emergency. All she did was ask over and over who was answering the phone.

        1. No, I haven’t heard the audio of the call. Where can the audio of the call, or a transcript, be found? Based on what you write, it doesn’t sound like a problem. It sounds like her question wasn’t answered by the 911 operator, which would raise a concern in my mind why the operator couldn’t answer the question.

    2. The only council member who speaks Spanish is Heather Howard. There is no way to communicate with the Hispanic community unless you speak Spanish. So, who amongst the council members and the mayor communicate with the Hispanic community? Please, let us know Mr Alabaster.

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