Storm Update for Residents from Princeton Administrator

Princeton Administrator Bob Bruschi issued the following letter this afternoon (we edited):

Emergency staff met at 3 p.m. to assess the impacts of the latest storm. All but 7 streets out of the 30 that had tree blockages on them have been cleared up. There are more than 43 other areas in town that have either just wires down or we have trees and wires commingled together. PSE&G continues to devote manpower in getting power back on in the various areas of town.

PSE&G does expect that a majority of the properties will regain power later tonight with the remainder getting power back tomorrow. If residents need a warming station or a place to charge electronics, we will continue to use the library until 9 p.m. and then Witherspoon Hall throughout the night (residents are being asked to enter Witherspoon Hall through the police department entrance on Valley Road).

McCaffrey’s is open during the normal business hours and is available as a warming center.

Residents should call PSE&G to verify that the company has them listed as without power. PSE&G can be reached at 1-800-436-7734.

We will continue to communicate with PSE&G to complete work needed  to reestablish electric connections.

We will be illuminating two intersections this evening with portable lighting systems. DOT is committed to repairing two traffic signals one is currently being worked on with the other to be done when PSE&G completes some needed electric work.

Littlebrook and Riverside Schools still are on reduced power. The district will be making a decision as to the status of school for tomorrow later tonight. Their decision will be based upon the progress made by PSE&G and a review of the impact that the downed wires has on bus routes.

We will have staff on duty this evening with the expectation that there will be the need to do some salting/sanding the temps drop. In addition the wind is supposed to pick up which could present some other tree and wire problems.