New Princeton Trash Schedule for This Week

foodwasteBecause of the ice storm, trash that was supposed to be collected on Wednesday in Princeton will now be collected on Thursday, Feb. 6. Trash scheduled for Thursday collection will now be collected on Friday, Feb. 7. Trash Collection scheduled for Friday will still occur on Friday.  The curbside organic waste collection that was scheduled for today will be skipped altogether. The next organic waste pick up will be Wednesday, Feb. 12.


  1. Hmm. Seems as if there has been a miscommunication somewhere. Our trash is normally collected Thursdays and the collection truck just came by… on Thursday as usual. I wonder how many people will not have put their trash out today because they thought it was a delayed schedule as per this post.

    1. Our info. was from the town. Our trash collection is Thursday also. Neighbor put their out at 6 a.m. and it was never picked up. Perhaps the trash co. is trying to make progress wherever possible since tomorrow is double with Thursday people and Friday people. Hard to say. Thanks for the info.

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