Dom the Dog Still Missing from Princeton Home

domThe owners of Dom, the black Schipperke that went missing last week, said tonight that their beloved dog is still missing despite a $1,500 reward being offered for his return.

The Bueno family recently moved from Brazil to Bullock Drive in the Washington Oaks development. Dom went missing on Feb. 11 after a door to the family’s home was left open after an alleged robbery.

“Dom is very special to our family,” said Daniela Bueno. She added that one positive thing about losing Dom has been realizing what a caring community Princeton is.

“We’ve been amazed at how so many people in Princeton have been so kind to us,” she said. “We’ve receive so many calls from people expressing their concern and offering to help. People keep telling us not to give up hope.”

According to police, $11,000 in jewelry was reported stolen from the Bueno home sometime between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. Feb. 11. It is unclear whether the dog was taken during the theft or ran away.

Shortly after Dom was missing, the family posted signs all over the Princeton area offering the $1,500 reward.

A local dog trainer has recommended that the family contact the non-profit organization Dogs Finding Dogs, which tracks missing dogs using search dogs. The family planned to do so tonight or tomorrow. According to Dogs Finding Dogs, snow and rain does not prevent search and rescue dogs from picking up the sent of a missing pet.

“Snow and ice freeze the scent in place,” says a post on the Dogs Finding Dogs Facebook page. “The dogs can smell right thru the snow. It amplifies the scent. Rain, or a wet ground does the same. If you have ever walked your dog after a rain storm and have noticed that it wants to smell everything, it is because everything smells new to a dog again. Scent can be thought of as oil and water. It re-hydrates and floats back up to the surface. Please do not feel destitute because of the snow and rain. Its actually much easier for a search dog then working on a scent that has been on a hot dry ground.”

Anyone with information regarding Dom should call the Bueno family at (908) 800-3456.


  1. Hmm how far can dogs travel.
    I saw a similar looking dog on the 19th on Truman ave in Princeton. It was black and small and had a some sort of a bell attached to the collar. I was about 20 ft away and didnt think too much about this. I remember because it was scratching on the front door of people i know…

  2. Hey dope, Truman Ave. is in Montgomery, not Princeton. Get your facts straight before posting nonsense.

  3. What makes them think the dog escaped during the robbery and wasn’t taken by the robbers? Is there something pointing to that?

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