Princeton Police Arrest Two Suspects in Efes Grill Robbery


Two suspects have been arrested for the Jan. 26 robbery at Efes Grill on Nassau Street.

Joshua McLaughlin, 28, of West Windsor, allegedly entered the restaurant, took all the money in the tip jar, and then threatened employees who were chasing him, telling them he was carrying a gun. He then fled north on Chestnut Street with the tip jar holding about $80 in tips. Employees stopped chasing him after he made the threat about the gun. No weapon was seen and no injuries were reported.

McLaughlin was identified as the actor in the robbery and was arrested on Feb. 7 while he was incarcerated in the Burlington County Jail on an unrelated matter. Jeffrey Johnston, 44, of Burlington was charged with complicity in the crime for providing McLaughlin a means of escape on the night of the robbery. He was charged on Feb. 10.

Johnston was released after posting 10 percent of his $2,500 bail on the charges. McLaughlin remains incarcerated  and has bail has been set at $100,000 cash.


  1. If “bail” refers to an amount of money that must be paid in order to be released from jail, how is it one suspect was released after posting only 10% of that amount?

    1. The 10% is a bond amount. You pay a bail bondsman a fee of 10% of the bail amount. You do not get that money back when you show up for your appearance. I believe in some circumstances, the option of posting “bond” can be denied.

      If you pay the “court” the full bail amount, you will get the full amount back after you appear.

      If you do not show up for your appearance, the bail bondsman is on the hook for the full bail amount and thus will hunt you down.

      1. Not so. The NJ law permits (often requires) the person be eligible for posting only 10% depending on the type of crime they are charged with. It is more common than not, and very few have bail bond companies post bonds for them.

        1. Ah, didn’t know that! I’m not sure I get the point. For crimes that qualify, what purpose does the artificial bail amount serve?

          So I gather that Johnson was able to post the $250 cash himself for his release and he will get that back.

          McLaughlin, on the other hand, either has to post $100k himself or pay a bondsman a non-refundable 10% fee. But it seems like there are 1% deals (with payment plans and suckers – ahem – cosigners) to be had.

          Is that right?

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