Paul Krugman Leaving Princeton for New York City

KrugmanNobel Prize winning economist and Princeton resident Paul Krugman announced in the New York Times opinion pages blog today that is is leaving Princeton University in June of 2015 and has accepted a job at the City University of New York.

Krugman, 61, has been a professor of economics and international affairs at Princeton since 2000. He will begin his new post at CUNY in August of 2015.

“So, why am I doing this? It is in no sense a commentary on Princeton, which has been a wonderful place for me professionally and personally,” Krigman wrote. “In particular, I can’t praise Princeton’s intellectual quality enough: it has been a great honor to be affiliated with a superb public policy school and an equally superb economics department. Instead, my move reflects some hard thinking about how I can best make use of my time.”

Krugman said the move makes sense because his work has shifted over time toward more of a public policy focus. “Meanwhile, I’m now 61, and I realized that it’s time to take a hard look at where I really want to be at this point,” he wrote.  A New York native, Krugman cited Zabars and city restaurants as some of the lifestyle reasons for the move.

In addition to serving as a professor in economics department, Krugman will be a distinguished scholar at the CUNY Graduate Center’s Luxembourg Income Study Center.

“As a public intellectual and one of the most influential economists today, Paul Krugman brings to the Graduate Center a broad perspective that fits perfectly with the LIS Center’s focus on interdisciplinary inquiry,” said Janet Gornick, director of the Luxembourg Income Study Center, in a news release about Krugman’s appointment. “I am thrilled that he is coming to join our team. His interest in the policies and institutions that shape economic disparities beautifully complements the existing body of research based on the LIS data.”


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