Letters: Jo Butler Does Her Homework and Listens to Constituents

To the Editor:

Many Princeton residents have already written of Jo Butler’s incredible work ethic, her quest for sufficient information to make truly informed decisions, and her insistence on open and accountable government.

Jo has the analytical and financial skills developed as she earned her MBA, and honed in business and three plus years on Borough and Town Council. Every one of her three years on these Councils has seen a flat or reduced tax rate versus the prior year. Jo combines these skills with the understanding of people and staff required in her day job as an executive recruiter.

Jo was a member of four subcommittees of the Transition Task Force during 2012 – the year before consolidation. This was more than any other Council member or current candidate, thoroughly grounding Jo in all facets of our new Town’s government, strategic objectives, staff and operations.

I had the pleasure of working with Jo on the Infrastructure and Operations (Public Works and Engineering) Subcommittee. As an example of Jo’s concern for residents’ needs, a proposal was put forward that would have drastically reduced branch and leaf pickup in the narrow streets of central Princeton, including the downtown “tree streets.” Jo was one of only 2-3 people in the room (committee members, municipal staff and other observers) who spoke up and objected. Jo developed this empathy and understanding by going door to door and listening to people’s concerns in her prior run for Council. The result was a compromise pickup schedule close to what it had been before, balancing cost and service.

Please join the Princeton Community Democratic Organization by March 16, and vote to endorse Jo Butler on March 30.

John Heilner