Letters: Nemeth and Miller Will Work Together to Move Princeton Forward

To the editor:

When it comes to election time in Princeton, it’s rare to have a choice.  I am excited that we have one this year.  I hope we have choices every year.  That’s what democracy is supposed to be about…choice.

When I voted for consolidation, I was not voting for having the same town council year after year.  I voted for choice, for different voices, for change.  I voted for positive, energetic, forward-looking representation.  I was, and am sick of,  the ‘we did it this way, you did it that way ‘ mantra.  I happily acknowledge that Princeton Borough and Princeton Township have rich histories.

But now let’s get on with it and ensure that  the one and only Princeton has a rich future.

That’s why I am supporting Sue Nemeth and Bernie Miller.  Sue and Bernie worked hard for consolidation. They believe in one Princeton; they believe in representative, responsible government.  Sue and Bernie ask tough questions and expect accountability.  Sue and Bernie respect opposing opinions, and will work collaboratively to move forward. And they have the track record to prove it.  I believe Sue and Bernie are the voices we need for the new Princeton.  I encourage all Princeton residents to support the Nemeth-Miller team for Princeton Council.

Anne Burns


  1. Anne Burns, Township resident, is “sick” of “having the same town council year after year.” But this is only consolidation’s second year. And Bernie Miller, whom she supports, was a long-time Township Committeeman as well as a current Princeton Council member. Sue Nemeth also served on Township Committee until she resigned to campaign unsuccessfully (and negatively) for higher office.

    Anne Burns surely believes she has good reasons for supporting Nemeth and Miller. But her reasons confuse me. Nemeth and Miller are hardly the new voices she wants. Nor, running as a slate, are they “different voices.” They have been endorsed by–and their views will surely be seconded by–the mayor as well as two other current Council members (that’s actually three members, counting Miller, and four, counting Nemeth if she’s elected). That would indeed be a “one and only Princeton.”

    I intend to vote for a more independent voice: Jo Butler. She is the responsible, judicious choice that Burns says “democracy is supposed to be about.” She is the candidate who “asks tough questions and expects accountability,” from herself and others.

  2. I don’t know anything about Sue Nemeth other than she has run two very negative campaigns that personally attacked her opponent with insinuations. She is not who I would want to represent any of us.

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