Mountain Lion Cub Spotted in Montgomery Near Princeton Border

cubA reader from Montgomery Woods reported that he spotted a mountain lion in the woods near River Road this afternoon. The animal headed into the woods toward Princeton. Animal control has been notified and was on the scene.

“The cub got scared and ran very fast,” the reader said.

Princeton Animal Control and the Princeton Police Department have both been notified. We will update this story when we have more information.


  1. @Helen McGinnis I concur. I enhanced the photos considerably, and a short tail was apparent. There’s no spotting typical of bobcats visible, but the cat was very out of focus such that small spot patterns would merge into a single block of color. It’s unfortunate there was no scale to judge the animals height. When I was in the news business, I would have gone to the site and determined the scale before proceeding with this story. It also is odd there is no comment from the state game department re: its opinion of the photos.

    1. Sorry, this comment was intended for a different story from a different location.
      However, it is extremely unlikely the animal seen was a Puma concolor. That a cub would exist in New Jersey is about a one in a billion shot.

      1. there’s been mountain lions commuting between montgomery township and the sourlands for a long long looooooog time. Like hundreds of years. Even the princeton animal control fella has seen families up in the sourlands. ‘nuf said.

    2. where exactly in Montgomery woods? Are we talking about River Road as it moves from route 27 up to 518 in Rocky Hill?

      1. This bothered me as well. “Montgomery Woods” isn’t a real physical feature – it’s a housing project. I thought better than to make a stink about it at the time, but seeing as someone else was confused, I suppose it’s worth mentioning now.

        When discussing locations, referencing actual towns and parks seems preferable to using the names of commercial developments that will only be familiar to their residents. Here, “south of Rocky Hill” or “near Autumn Hill Reservation” would have been ideal.

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