Princeton Lawn Sign Theft Hearing Set for Sept. 8

lawnsignsThe Princeton University professor who was caught on video removing lawn signs from private property that belonged to a local computer business is scheduled to appear in court next month.

The Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office has bounced the case back down to the municipal court in Princeton. Defendant John Mulvey and his lawyer, Kim Otis, will appear in court for a pretrial hearing on Sept. 8 .

Mulvey, a professor of operations research and financial engineering, was charged with theft last month for allegedly stealing lawn signs advertising the business Princeton Computer Tutor, which is owned by Ted Horodynksy.

Mulvey was recorded on video taking the lawn signs. The signs are valued at $471 total, were found in Mulvey’s garage. The signs started disappearing from the area of Rosedale and Elm roads beginning in June of 2013.

Mulvey, 67, said he would fight the charges and has claimed that he was just  picking up debris.

Horodynsky says the signs started to disappear shortly after Mulvey claimed Horodynsky cut him off in traffic. Horodynsky said he received a voice mail about the traffic incident, and the caller threatened to take down his signs.



  1. I can empathize with the esteemed professor. I was “just picking up debris” at Hamilton Jewelers when a couple of rings wound up in my pocket.

  2. I was just picking up debris? Amazing how all the debris just happens to be Computer Tutor signs, very selective debris picking, n’est-ce pas?

  3. Is there a law in Princeton regarding lawn signs in residential areas? I understand the need for “for sale” signs, but the abundance of other commercial signs in Princeton’s residential areas is nothing more than an eyesore. Some of these signs remain for years. If there is no Princeton ordinance against commercial signs in residential areas, shouldn’t there be one?

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