Health Officer to Address Princeton Council Regarding NBC Crew Quarantine Tonight

Lempert Princeton Mayor
“The important thing to stress is that thankfully they remain symptom free,” Princeton Mayor Liz Lempert said in comments about the NBC crew today. She declined to elaborate on specifics, citing privacy concerns.

The health officer for the town of Princeton will attend the Princeton Council meeting tonight to update officials about the mandatory quarantine of NBC Chief Medical Expert Nancy Snyderman and her crew, Princeton Mayor Liz Lempert told reporters at her regular press meeting this afternoon.

Princeton Health Officer Jeffrey Grosser is slated to speak near the beginning of the public meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. in the main meeting room at the town municipal building located at 400 Witherspoon Street.

“The important thing to stress is that thankfully they remain symptom free,” Lempert said of Snyderman and her crew. “We know Ebola can only be transmitted when someone is exhibiting symptoms. The public is not in any danger.”

Lempert, who performed the wedding for Snyderman’s daughter in Snyderman’s Princeton home this June, declined to address specifics about the quarantine when a reporter asked if she was disappointed that Snyderman violated her voluntary confinement agreement.

“This is a difficult issue and we have to be careful with health issues and privacy issues. The most important thing is protecting the public’s health,” Lempert said.

Asked about whether employees from NBC were at Snyderman’s house performing any kind of security or other duties, Princeton Administrator Bob Bruschi said that is not the town’s business. “To our knowledge it’s her and whoever else is living in the house,” he said. “We’re not concerned about that. If they are, they are.”

The Princeton Police Department and the Princeton Health Department have been enforcing the mandatory quarantine issued by the New Jersey Department of Health Friday night.  Asked whether a police officer is stationed at the house, Bruschi said officers are conducting their regular patrols in the sector and are not doing anything unusual.

Residents who live in Snyderman’s neighborhood said they have seen a police car on the street in front of Snyderman’s house regularly. They reported that a police car was parked in front of the house several times today. One resident said a police car has been there all day. Bruschi said it is not true. He said the patrol is mostly for crowd control, to monitor her home and make sure crowds aren’t gathering there.

“On Oct. 22, everything will be back to normal,” Bruschi said of the quarantine end date.

“Obviously there is a lot of public interest. We want to see the correct information getting out there,” Lempert said as she went on to describe the difference between voluntary self-confinement and a quarantine order.

“We did not have any enforcement authority before with the voluntary self-confinement,” Lempert said. “With the quarantine we do.”

Snyderman and her crew agreed to a voluntary 21-day quarantine but were spotted by Planet Princeton readers in a black Mercedes with two other men during lunch time Thursday, Oct. 9. Her car was double-parked. She was in the driver’s seat, and a man in the front passenger seat got out of the car and went in to the Peasant Grill to pick up a take out order. Another man was in the back seat, a reader reported.

The state issued a mandatory quarantine order the next night.


  1. Are any others living in the house, such as family members who did not go to Africa, also quarantined, or can they go out and about? Thank you.

  2. What if it is all a HOAX ? A Class of anti-biotic drugs used in Africa causes ” rashes and bleeding ” . Boots on the ground are there ( West Africa ) to secure OIL and DIAMONDS.
    Read / or live in fear . Do try to wake up !!!!!!

  3. The fact that they are quite obviously lying about the police car in front of her house is not confidence inspiring, to put it mildly. What else are they lying about? I hope you put them through the wringer at this meeting.

    1. Dr. Nancy Snyderman must think she has super human strength to avoid the virus.
      But…the president stated you cannot catch Ebola sitting next to someone on the bus.
      So…God help us.

  4. Town Liars~the 3-ring circus of Lambert, Bruschi and Knapp are not to be trusted with the truths of anything let alone this major issue here! They are already “down playing” this and are in denial!! Be careful everyone its a big coverup~pray Nancy doesnt come down with this or anyone in this house~!

  5. Great job Planet Princeton.
    NBC is not reporting this story. I sent a Tweet to NBC asking why and it just disappeared.
    Guess the good doctor thinks she is above the law.

  6. And is she does come down with Ebola, NBC will not report the story.
    NBC not reporting how she broke voluntary quarantine.

    1. NBC is probably terrified of a lawsuit should anyone else get sick from this lady wandering around.

  7. NBC still not reporting that Dr. Nancy Snyderman broke the quarantine.
    Pass the word.
    She is not above the law.

  8. Shame on this doctor. So selfish. Just a lame apology. Shame on the mayor too for not using her voice to denounce her actions.

  9. Great Job Krystal! I hope that restaurant sues the pants off of NBC and that NBC does the right thing and fires that woman.

  10. NBC, the home for phonies and dirtbags – Sharpton, who was behind the Tawana Brawley lies and fiasco; Ed Schultz, who defamed a woman “a slut” just because he disagreed with her politics. And now a DOCTOR who reports on health issues of concern to Americans – AND she selfishly puts a whole community at risk? Fear not, Dr Snyderman, of course NBC should fire you, but they and you are better than the commoners. You have a place with the rest of the NBC hypocrites. lol

  11. she should be prosecuted for knowing endangerment of a child or something like that, Im sure a good prosecutor could review the criminal code and find something applicable.

  12. Question: Wouldn’t a true quarantine involve managing waste, waste water, visitors and more? Could it be that this so-called quarantine, voluntary or otherwise, is simply a public relations effort to quiet fears?

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