Mandatory Quarantine for Dr. Nancy Snyderman Ends Tomorrow Night

nancy snyderman ebola princetonThe Princeton Health Officer confirmed tonight that the mandatory quarantine of NBC Chief Medical Editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman and her crew will end tomorrow night, Oct. 22 at 11:59 p.m.

“An exit interview will be performed by our public health nurse and myself to review the status of the crew and next steps,” Princeton Health Officer Jeff Grosser said. “Due to the fact that the quarantine period overlapped with the arrival into the United States, the actual self monitoring will continuing through this weekend, but the state’s mandatory quarantine is over tomorrow.”

Snyderman and her crew are healthy. They will be required to monitor themselves for four more days after the mandatory quarantine is over because the CDC has separate guidelines related to the incubation period after people return to the United States.

Grosser said the Princeton Police did a “fantastic job” enforcing the quarantine. He said the town decided, in partnership with the state, that a round-the-clock police presence was not needed. “We increased surveillance to the point where police and the health department felt it was adequate. Police did a good job informed me of anything that concerned them. I don’t want to speak too soon, but I’ve been very satisfied with that.”

The town’s public health nurse normally works one to three hours a week, but worked about 20 hours a week during the quarantine. Members of the health commission have recommended that the town send the bill for the cost of the nurse and the increased police surveillance to the state.

The New Jersey Health Department issued a mandatory quarantine order for Snyderman and two of her crew members on Oct. 10. The mandatory order was issued after a voluntary 21-day isolation agreement was violated. Snyderman and her crew members were seen in public on Oct. 9.  Planet Princeton readers spotted her double-parked in her black Mercedes in front of the Peasant Grill in Hopewell Boro. One crew member went into the cafe to pick up a carry out order during the lunch rush. The other crew member stayed in the car with Snyderman, who was wearing sunglasses and turned her head away when readers recognized her.

Business at the Peasant Grill slowed down after the incident was in the media and has slowly picked back up. The health officer for Hopewell Boro has said there is no risk at all for anyone who visits the eatery.


  1. Why does the CDC have longer quarantine guidelines than the NJ health dept? Shouldn’t everyone be on the same page? And, can we really trust the good doctor to self monitor given her past experience at self quarantining? 😉

  2. Will the Today Show ever have her on again, or will she simply “disappear,” with Matt Lauer acting as if she never worked for NBC? I’m betting on the latter.

  3. I assume her suspension runs consecutively with her quarantine. Better still, she should be made to go back on Nightly News and give a complete and sincere apology, to the viewing public and her staff, wearing a dunce cap.

    1. She has nothing to apologize for. She was never a risk to anyone, and the NJ Department of Health said so in those words.

  4. She never violated her quarantine, being that she didn’t expose herself to the public (she was in a car). Nor was she even exposed, as her cameraman, who’s recovered, was never within 3 feet of Snyderman. The CDC guidelines in Snyderman’s case called for self-monitoring, which she did. This blog did a great disservice to Snyderman by ratting her out, and Christie, in both this case and the later one involving Kaci Hickox, showed himself to be (1) a bully and (2) totally unfit to hold public office. I regret voting for him, which I did twice.

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