Three Cases of Sexual Assault Reported to Princeton University Public Safety

Nassau Hall PrincetonThree incidents of sexual assault were reported to the Department of Public Safety at Princeton University by school officials last weekend, according the school’s crime logs. Two of the assaults were at private eating clubs off campus.

A student reported that on Dec. 12 while at an unidentified eating club they were fondled without their consent.

A student reported that while at an unidentified eating club in November, they were fondled without their consent. The crime log lists the incident as taking place on Nov. 1.

A student believes that at some point during the 2012-13 academic year they were engaged in sexual activity while incapacitated.

All three cases are listed as open investigations in the crime logs, but Princeton University Spokesman Martin Mbugua said there are no active investigations at this time. Any such action would depend on the individual’s preferences, he said.

The three assaults were reported through a campus security authority, which is “an official of an institution who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities, including, but not limited to, student housing, student discipline, and campus judicial proceedings.”

To insure that campus crime is not underreported, the federal Clery Act requires that certain university administrators called campus security authorities report allegations of campus crimes to a designated school office. At Princeton University, campus security authorities “have responsibility to report allegations of crimes in good faith to the Department of Public Safety by using a campus security authority form,” according to the school’s website.


Two of the incidents were reported about 45 minutes apart on Friday evening, and the other was reported Saturday afternoon. However, only one of those cases was reported immediately after the alleged assault happened, according to the student newspaper The Daily Princetonian, which first published a story about the incidents this afternoon.

Princeton University was one of more than 80 schools that was found in violation of Title IX earlier this year for the way it handled sexual assault complaints. The school adopted new policies for dealing with complaints this fall.

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  1. Here’s what this report needed to say:

    “Three incidents of sexual assault were reported to the Department of Public Safety at Princeton University by school officials last weekend, bringing the University’s total number of sexual-assault reports for the year to (fill in the number).”

    Moreover, in light of recent events regarding false accusations, it should be recognized that one of these three reports was likely falsified.

    It’s truly sad that the new policies pushed by the Obama Administration will only further erode the due-process rights of the accused — meaning false accusations have a higher chance of ending in a guilty verdict and higher “rape” numbers to appease politicize feminists. The policies will also further erode the diminishing male enrollment at colleges, causing some campus women to sing, “Where have all the young men gone….”

    Perhaps more sad is that the new policies will never even go near the recommendations in this:

    “The Sexual Harassment Quagmire: How To Dig Out”

    It’s a detailed look at what I think is the sexes’ most alienating and destructive behavioral difference, which is responsible for much of what is called sexual assault of women.

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