United Artists Movie Theater at MarketFair Closes

United Artist MarketFair Princeton

For the past 27 years, movie goers in the Princeton area have enjoyed shopping at the mall on Route 1 and then catching a move at the United Artists Theater.

People were surprised to go to the theater Friday, only to discover it is now closed. The mall management says it will be replaced by a renovated AMC Stadium Theater.

The new theater will not be open until late 2015. The options for seeing a film on the big screen in the Princeton area are now the Princeton Garden Theater on Nassau Street in downtown Princeton, the Montgomery Cinema on Route 206 in Bell Meade, the Regal Commerce Center Stadium 18 on Route 1 in North Brunswick, the AMC Hamilton 24 on Sloan Avenue in Hamilton.


  1. Don’t forget the Starplex Cinema in East Windsor on Rt. 130 just north of Rt. 571. The prices are very reasonable.

    Pricing: $5.50 all shows before 6pm, and Children/Seniors/Military/Students at all times; $7.50 Adults after 6PM; $2.00 upcharge for 3D.

    It’s possibly closer to Princeton than the Regal 18 on Rt. 1 north of town.

    1. The Star Plex in east Windsor is great I go there often. The only downside is They don’t have the selection of movies that AMC has. Good value and not a bank breaker!

    1. I agree. I wish there could have been more notice. And it must be tough for those restaurants too.

      1. Blame the mall management for the short notice They are the ones that made the decision not to renew Regal’s lease

  2. Also, there is Hillsborough cinema on Route 206, which often shows the same line-up of current movies as Regal did at MarketFair.

    1. Montgomery cinema is on the 605 bus route out of princeton. Garden theater is on the freeb route.

  3. This new place better open before the next Hunger Games and Star Wars, or I’m going to go crazy driving around New Jersey for those flicks!

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