Princeton Councilwoman to Meet with Hospital Area Residents Tonight

hospital noise Princeton 1Princeton Councilwoman Jenny Crumiller has organized a public forum tonight so that residents who live near the hospital demolition site can voice their concerns about issues related to the demolition.

Many residents in the neighborhood were upset about the closure of Witherspoon Street this weekend because the detours routed tractor trailers, buses and cars down small residential streets at all hours.

Residents have also been complaining about debris, noise and dust.

The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in Conference Room A at the main municipal building, which is located at 400 Witherspoon Street.


  1. Hey, Bubb — that’s not what this is about. Several times now Avalon Bay has been found to have failed to abide by the methods of demolition they agreed to use in order to reduce the amount of potentially dangerous dust in the air. There is concern that the cement used to construct the hospital may have PCBs in it, and there was certainly lead in the paint on the walls in the lower building. Given there is an elementary school across the street and children walk near the site, it is important to ensure they adhere to proper demolition standards. That’s what this meeting was about. (And it is boo “hoo” not “who”)

  2. I’m concerned about the kids in the neighborhood and at the school. I’ve felt/breathed what feels like light dust in the area, and I know two children with asthma that live within a block of the site. I wish this informational meeting was not scheduled with such late notice, found out about it too late to re-arrange a work commitment to be there. I, too, am concerned with what I’ve read about Avalon’s track record with safety in construction.

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