CDC and State Health Officials Confirm Case of Measles at Princeton University

measles vaccine PrincetonAfter additional review of laboratory tests, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the New Jersey Department of Health have confirmed the suspected case of measles at Princeton University. The student has recovered and is no longer infectious.

Following the guidance and requirements of state and municipal health officials, Princeton University already has been taking steps based on the presumption that the case would be confirmed. No new measures are recommended.

Princeton University has made significant progress in obtaining proof of protection against measles from potentially affected members of the faculty and staff. Princeton University made this request when the Princeton Health Department required that anyone who may have been exposed remain off campus until they submit proof of vaccination.

The request was made of members of the faculty and staff who were born after Dec. 31, 1956, and were in buildings that the student who contracted measles visited while he may have been contagious.

More than 99.5 percent of the graduate and undergraduate students at the school have been vaccinated. Princeton University staff members have contacted undergraduate and graduate students who have not been fully immunized.

The requirement that some members of the faculty and staff remain off campus has resulted in temporarily reduced staffing levels in some departments and offices on campus.

The student did not leave the Princeton University campus, Princeton Health Officer Jeff Grosser said.