Copperwood Added to Princeton FreeB Shuttle Route for 4-Month Trial Period

Beginning on Monday, March 2, the freeB shuttle will make an additional stop at the Copperwood senior apartments on Bunn Drive.

The change will be part of  a four-month trial to determine if there is sufficient ridership to warrant making the Cooperwood a permanent stop on the freeB route.

Scheduled bus times have been adjusted to accommodate the change.

The new schedule:

Princeton freeB revised schedule


  1. It’s great to hear this service is being expanded, the more (and more frequently) a shuttle runs, the more likely it is to build ridership. I don’t see the new stop on the timetables here, but I take it that it’s implied in between two of the “timepoints” that do appear on the map. Hopefully once the map is online on the municipal site (, it will spell it out more clearly. They use the same method of “timepoints” at PU and it is not easy to figure out at first, but at least there you have the online TransLoc tracker system, so you can look at your office computer or smartphone and see where your bus is, in real time.

  2. A shuttle which doesn’t call at the new and “improved” Princeton station? Is that seriously a “shuttle”?

      1. There are two different FreeB routes. The one that passes Copperwood goes downtown, but it never goes to the Dinky Station. To go from Copperwood to the Dinky Station, take NJ Transit Bus #605. The ride takes about 18 minutes. (Tiger Transit goes nowhere near Copperwood.)

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