Princeton Recreation Director Being Courted by Other Towns

Stentz at the ribbon cutting for the Community Park Pool.
Stentz at the ribbon cutting for the Community Park Pool.

When an announcement was sent out and written about in the press yesterday regarding an emergency executive session of the Princeton Council to discuss Recreation Director Ben Stentz, many people assumed it was because Stentz had done something wrong, given Princeton’s track record with closed sessions about officials in recent years.

But Stentz, a popular town employee who is liked by residents and staff and has a reputation as an excellent manager, has done nothing wrong. Several sources say that Stentz is being courted by other towns and has received a nice job offer from another government agency in Monmouth County.

Stentz, who is paid $105,000 per year, was offered a higher salary to stay in Princeton.


  1. Still waiting for the Rec Dept to offer some programs for those over 22 besides Senior Citizen trips. The summer basketball league is comprised largely of non-residents, but other than that, no much besides facilities that can be used.

    1. Princeton Rec does a great job and we are lucky to have all the great programs they run every year, but I agree that it would be great to see something for active adults in town, like a co-ed “Never Too Late Basketball” program and/or also adult volleyball (the Princeton Y used to have lots of volleyball and some of our neighboring towns have adult rec volleyball).

  2. Krystal, thank you for posting this clarification. The completely inaccurate implications contained in Nicole Mulvaney’s story in the Trenton Times were shameful. She owes Ben (and us) an apology.

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