New Pedestrian Crossing on University Place in Princeton Will Be Redone (Again)

Ped Crossing(2)For the third time in about two years, the new pedestrian crossing on University Place near McCarter Theatre will be rebuilt.

University Place will be closed again between College Road and Alexander Street for about three weeks beginning June 8.

The temporary traffic signal at the intersection of College Road and Alexander Street will operate while the detour is in place.

“Hopefully the third time’s the charm,” said Kristin Appelget, the director of community and regional affairs for Princeton University.

“University Place will be shut down  three weeks at the Berlind crosswalk a third time to get it right,” she said. “It will be exactly as we’ve seen the past two summers. The light at College Road and Alexander will become functional. Traffic will be able to come up through the roundabout.”

Additional striping work will also take place from the Alexander Road roundabout to Faculty Road, possibly next week, Appelget said.


  1. Any word on WHY this crossing has had to be repeatedly reconstructed? (And why they can’t just paint lines and have done with it?)

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