Bogus Phone Threat Called in to Johnson Park Elementary

princeton public schoolsThis morning at 9:46 a.m., Johnson Park Elementary School in Princeton received at phone threat similar to the threats received at Riverside Elementary School and John Witherspoon Middle School over the past few weeks.

Today’s threat also appeared to be another pre-recorded message. The called claimed to be on the roof of the school building with a weapon.

The Princeton Police responded to the school and immediately secured the area. Officers checked the exterior, interior, and the roof of the school and found no threat. The Johnson Park School remained in a lockdown during the process.

Officers are continuing to investigate these incidents and provide a police presence around all of the schools in Princeton.

Other schools in New Jersey and around the nation have experienced similar false threats, known as “swatting”, in recent weeks.

As new information becomes available, police will share it with the community.  If anyone has any information regarding these incidents please contact Det. Annette Henderson at (609) 921-2100 ext. 1818 or at

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  1. Hmmm, PDS or Charter? Wait, maybe it’s just Christie messing with us…

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