Town of Princeton Nixes Copperwood FreeB Stop

As of August 1, the FreeB shuttle will no longer make stops at the Copperwood apartments on Bunn Drive.

Ridership was too low to justify the extra stop, officials said. In June, the Copperwood stop averaged .3 riders a day.

The FreeB stopped at the apartment complex for people 55 and older for a four-month trial period. For the first month of the trial, there were 24 riders. Ridership dropped to seven riders in April and May. In June only eight passengers from Copperwood took the free bus.

Residents from Copperwood will now be invited to pick up the FreeB at the Hilltop Park bus stop shelter on Bunn Drive.

FreeB ridership for the neighborhood route was 1,790 trips in June, or an average of 68.8 daily trips (a trip is one way).

Ridership on the FreeB commuter route was 1,046 passengers in June, or an average of 52.3 passenger trips per day (a trip is one way).

The FreeB schedule as of August 1:

freeb schedule

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