Princeton Ticketing Tour Buses That Don’t Park in Designated Areas

A tour bus idles on Spring Street in Princeton, taking up a few parking spaces, on a Sunday in July.
A tour bus idles on Spring Street in Princeton, taking up a few parking spaces, on a Sunday in July.

Town officials have begun implementing new regulations for tour buses that visit Princeton.

“The municipality of Princeton is making every effort to ensure our business and residential communities, as well as visitors, enjoy a safe and hospitable environment in our downtown district,” said a spokesman for the Princeton Police Department regarding the tour buses. “To this end, the loading and unloading of passenger vehicles must be made in a safe and orderly fashion.”

In recent months, the number of tour buses visiting Princeton has increased. The buses often block visibility on Nassau Street, idle on side streets and in residential neighborhoods, or drive around town until it is time to pick up visitors after their tours of Princeton University.

“While Princeton welcomes all visitors to enjoy our scenic community, the manner of loading and unloading of passengers by a number of these motor coaches has created a serious concern for public safety,” the police spokesman said. “In order to address this issue, Princeton has designated loading, unloading, and parking locations for these vehicles.”

Loading and unloading of bus passengers must be done at the bus stop on Nassau Street at Palmer Square East. The designated area for motor coach parking is on Alexander Street across from the Princeton Station Parking area.

“The increased traffic from the motor coaches creates hazards for pedestrian and motorists,” the police spokesman said. “Consequently, our parking enforcement officers have increased their vigilance to eliminate these hazards through increased enforcement of parking and traffic regulations.”


  1. why does Princeton University not offer parking since they are visiting the University?

    1. They are not visiting PU – these are tour buses that travel to & from NYC/Philly and Princeton is their half way pit stop

  2. If you see a bus that is loading or unloading illegally, or is parked illegally, you can call the Police Department at 609-921-2100, ext. 1, to report them to the dispatcher.

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