Princeton Council Election 2015 Endorsement Letters

Please Support Our Re-election

To the Editor,

We are writing today to ask the voters for support for our re-election on November 3.  We are honored to serve on the Princeton Council; together we have instituted new budget controls to help hold the line on municipal tax increases, and have worked to strengthen law enforcement’s relationships with the community and to address the needs of the most vulnerable.  If re-elected, we pledge to continue to focus on creating a more effective and responsive government and a welcoming and just community.

Heather Howard, Aiken Avenue
Lance Liverman, Witherspoon Street

Re-Elect Howard and Liverman

We are writing to urge Princeton voters to re-elect Heather Howard and Lance Liverman to the Princeton Council.

We are fortunate to have candidates with their experience and good judgment on the job for us. Together, Lance and Heather have worked to hold the line on property tax increases. As the result of consolidation and sound financial planning, the tax rate today is at essentially the same level as in 2010.

As members of the Public Safety Committee, Heather and Lance have prioritized strengthening relations between law enforcement and the community, bringing back community policing and enhancing traffic enforcement.

They have a proven track record of working collaboratively and effectively to address the needs of our community, and they deserve our support. Please vote for them on Nov. 3. 

Liz and David Cohen, Princeton 
Jim and Beth Healey, Princeton 
Scotia MacRae and Dick Blofson, Princeton

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  1. Property Taxes are UP and going HIGHER (thanks Dems).
    Debt service (interest ALONE on the huge municipal debt) = $11,400,000 (did you know that??)
    Keep voting (D) and watch TAXES and EXPENDITURES continue in an ever upward spiral. Yet you keep doing it.
    Do you really think that $11.4 million in DEBT SERVICE on a $61 million budget is “sound financial planning”? If so, you’ll believe ANYTHING.

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