Littlebrook Girls on the Run Raising Money for a Special Cause

Littlebrook Girls on the Run

Twenty Littlebrook Elementary School girls participating in the Girls On the Run Program are working to raise funds for a swing that will allow children in wheelchairs at their school to enjoy recess.

As part of the school curriculum, the girls visited The Kids Bridge Tolerance Museum in Trenton and saw pictures of children enjoying such swings. The girls were moved by their smiles and wanted to bring that happiness to classmates in their own school, said volunteer coach Gabriella Milley.

The girls asked the school principal for approval, and she welcomed the Littlebrook Girls on the Run efforts.

The girls are raising funds through bake sales, pet care, extra chores,
volunteering, and other activities. The cost of the swing is $3,000.

Lillipies of Princeton is supporting the girls in their efforts.
The first Littlebrook Girls on the Run bake sale will be held today, Tuesday, Nov. 10 from 1 to 2 p.m. at the Littlebrook School. The sale will be held in the K playground if its sunny or in the lobby if it is raining out.


  1. Hey Krystal! We are having another fundraising bake sale tomorrow, Tuesday 11/17 from 1-2PM at Littlebrook! The fundraiser is going so well but we could still use more support. It will be held on the kindergarten playground, or in the lobby again if it’s raining. If you could please re-post/tweet, the girls and I would really appreciate it! Also, we have an updated photo from last week’s sale on our fundraising page here: (If you could include this link too that would be awesome!) Thanks again! -Meghan (GOTR Coach)

    1. Thanks Meghan. That link goes to a different fundraising effort it appears. Do you have a link directly to the Littlebrook effort? Thanks

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