New Princeton University Campus Guide Released

Princeton2ed_coverA new guide to Princeton University architecture has just been released.

“Princeton University: The Campus Guide and Neighboring Institutions” by Robert Spencer Barnett is an expanded version of a book that was released 16 years ago. The new edition features the architectural history of newer building on the campus and other historic buildings near the school.

The book features more than 200 photos and covers both the historic and contemporary campus via 13 self-guided walks. Each walk includes an introductory essay detailing both historical and contemporary issues related to the featured buildings, landscapes, and artwork situated throughout the campus.

Readers are taken on tours past locations such as the Princeton University Art Museum, the Graduate College, and newly added neighboring institutions, including Princeton Theological Seminary and the Institute for Advanced Study.

The book includes illustrated, aerial maps guiding the reader around the campus and a handy, detatchable pocket map.

“This magical place, captured so thoroughly and beautifully in this guide, has inspired students, alumni, faculty, staff, and visitors since the University moved to Princeton in 1756,” says Princeton University President Christopher Eisgruber in the foreword to the second edition. “This book will enable you to trace the remarkable evolution of our campus, and that of our neighboring institutions and town, from the colonial period to the modern day.”

The new edition is part of the Princeton Architectural Press “Campus Guide” series, which features 25 college and university campuses, including Brown, Stanford, Vassar, and Rice. Each school’s story is told through the prism of its campus and buildings. For more information on the series visit www.thecampusguides.org.

Barnett, the author of the Princeton guide, most recently served as Princeton University’s vice provost for space planning, assistant director of the office of physical planning, and program manager in the school’s office of design and construction.

The book will be available in the Princeton University book store, and can also be ordered online on Amazon.