Motorcyclist Dies in Crash on Quakerbridge Road

LawrencePoliceaccidentA motorcyclist was killed in a crash on Quakerbridge Road at Lawrence Station Road this afternoon, police said.

The name of the crash victim is not being released until the driver’s relatives are notified, police said.

A BMW and a motorcycle collided at about 4:40 p.m., police said.  The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. The crash is under investigation by Lawrence Police and the
Mercer County Prosecutors Office Serious Collision Unit. Lawrence Township Police officials are asking a witnesses to contact Det. Robert Potter at 609-896-1111 or lawrencepolice@lawrencetwp.com.

As of 6:40 p.m. Tuesday, traffic was backed up along Route 1 and several other area roads because of the accident.


  1. This intersection is already completely unsafe. What is going to happen after the Costco opens? It is hard to believe traffic studies were done that showed Quakerbridge Rd can handle much more traffic between Village and Clarksville.

    1. She still is an ignorant moron for making the left without thoroughly looking and should be charged with manslaughter. They give out a license too easily in NJ. Yea lets let illegals who can’t read signs have one.

  2. Very sad, drove by seconds after it had already happened .. looked as if people were trying to help him… couldn’t tell if somebody went through a red light or not.. passed by roughly two hours later and it looked as if the poor guy’s body was still there under a sheet. I have to wonder if he lived close by; and, if any other family members were taking that route home, seeing this body, only to find out later on who it was. Does anybody know why the deceased has to remain at the scene that long?

  3. Look who they allow to drive on the roads, people lacking enough common sense to walk across a street with out looking up from an electronic device. I ride a bike too and i realize im putting my life in your incompetent hands. If i get hit and can still get up, watch out! ” Driver of BMW beaten within an inch of his life because he was texting to his girlfriend.” OOps My Bad. Oh and the traffic, Lawrence doesn’t care, look at the ratables their gaining,leave the problems to the next admin.

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