Trenton Man Indicted in Murder of George Jamison Jr.


A Trenton man was recently indicted in connection with the murder of former Princeton resident George Jamison Jr., who was killed while he was waiting for a bus in Trenton in August of 2014.

Jamison, a father of three who lived in Princeton for many years and moved to Pennington in 2012, was sitting on a bus stop bench when a black male attempted to rob him at gunpoint and then fled on a bicycle.  The 43-year-old was shot in the back and was later pronounced dead at Capital Health Regional Medical Center.

Randy Washington, 34, was indicted in December on charges of first-degree murder, felony murder, robbery and related weapons offenses in connection with Jamison’s death.

Washington has also been indicted in connection with another murder in 2014.


  1. As the sister of George Jamison, hearing this news, is truly a blessing to finally know he’s been indicted but I would really like to know if he will rot in prison the rest of his life or if he will receive the death penalty.
    Randy Washington was a cold heartless individual that took the life of a man who had a family, a family that consisted of his beautiful wife,his two beautiful daughters, and his handsome son. Why would someone do something so unthinkable? I still can’t answer that question, all I can say about it is, he was desperate, my brother was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
    I hope Randy Washington get what’s coming to him, innocent people shouldn’t die because of someone’s stupidity.

  2. Trenton is a bad place… I am sorry for your loss… it is absolutely senseless! May the thug get what he deserves…

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