Pennington School Grad Asks Christie Why He’s Not Back in NJ

Gov. Chris Christie is back on the campaign trail in New Hampshire. At a town hall forum on Monday afternoon, he took a question from a woman who went to the Pennington School. She told Christie some friends and family members back in New Jersey wanted her to question him on his departure in the midst of  the blizzard cleanup.

“It’s already done. It’s already done,” he said of the flooding. “I don’t know exactly what you expect me to do: Go down there with a mop?”

Christie said he was on the phone six different times Monday  with his staffers, and further defended his departure by noting that NJ Transit had returned to service, only 500 of 94,000 people who lost power had yet to be restored, and there was no residual flooding. He also said the lieutenant governor was at the shore with other state officials.

“So for your friends and family who are concerned about why I’m not there, I just wonder what it is they think I’d be doing today,” he said. “I’m the governor. I’m not the chief engineer.”

Christie described the mayor of North Wildwood as “one crazy mayor” for describing the flooding as worse than Sandy.

“Here’s the one thing you need to know about that mayor: His town didn’t get hit by Sandy,” Christie said.