Deep (Freeze) Doo Doo: Residents, Area Police, Urge Dog Owners to Clean Up After Their Pets

Walking your dog when it’s freezing is tough. But what’s worse is stepping in a pile of dog poop or watching your children play in the snow and then realizing they are covered in it.

Several readers have complained over the last few days about the little gifts that are being left on their sidewalks and lawns. They want to remind pet owners that the snow does not magically dissolve dog poop. Local ordinances that require dog owners to clean up after their pets do not become null and void when it snows.

“It’s just so disgusting,” said one Planet Princeton reader who sent us a photo of a pile of dog poop someone left on her front sidewalk that was frozen and later thawed as temperatures rose.

She was so fed up that she made a sign reminding people that they are still responsible for cleaning up after their dogs (we cropped out the little “gift” someone left next to the sign).

The West Windsor Police Department issued an alert to residents yesterday reminding them it is their responsibility to clean up after their pets.

“I love pets of all kinds, but rest assured your neighbors don’t want to see their poop in the street or on the ground,” wrote Lt. Bob Garofalo. “Frozen poop is not appealing so please bag it if you’re walking your pet.”

Do you have a snow etiquette gripe? Post in comments.

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