Princeton University President Issues Statement About Professor’s Arrest


Princeton University President Christopher Eisgruber posted a letter online and in the student newspaper the Daily Princetonian today expressing his concern about the arrest of African American Studies Professor Imani Perry.

Perry, who is black, was pulled over on Saturday morning on Mercer Street near the Battlefield State Park for allegedly driving 22 miles above the speed limit. Police discovered she had two outstanding warrants for her arrest for unpaid parking tickets, and that her Pennsylvania driver’s license had been suspended.

On Sunday, Perry described her arrest by the Princeton Police on social media, detailing how she was patted down by a male officer, was not allowed to make a call while on Mercer Street to let someone know where she was, was handcuffed, and was taken to the police station, where she was handcuffed to a table while she was processed.

“Many on our campus and around the country have expressed understandable concern about the arrest this past weekend of Professor Imani Perry, who is a respected scholar and beloved teacher at this University,” wrote Eisgruber in his letter. “They have been shocked that such an arrest could result from unpaid parking tickets. They have also been distressed about specific aspects of the arrest, including the fact that a pat-down was performed by a male officer and that Professor Perry was handcuffed to a desk after her arrest.”

Eisgruber said he shared those concerns.

“My colleagues and I in the University administration were in touch with Professor Perry as soon as we learned of the incident and we contacted town officials about our concerns over the weekend,” Eisgruber wrote.  “The town officials responded rapidly and initiated an investigation that they have assured us will be thorough and fair.  We welcome an investigation not only of the treatment of Professor Perry, but of the underlying policies, practices, and protocols that were applied.”

Eisgruber and Kristin Appelget, the school’s director of community and regional affairs, contacted Princeton Mayor Liz Lempert over the weekend. Lempert, whose husband works for the university, serves on the town’s public safety committee. The police commissioner for the town is Councilwoman Heather Howard, who works for the university.

Eisgruber went on in his letter to say the school shares with the town “a commitment to fair treatment of all members of our community and of making the entire Princeton community as welcoming, respectful, and inclusive as possible. We will continue to look for opportunities to advance those goals on our own campus and beyond it.”

Princeton Police Chief Nick Sutter on Monday night discussed the incident at a public meeting of the town’s governing body.

Sutter said he reviewed the incident and state law and proper protocols were followed. Arresting people for outstanding warrants is routine across the state, and arrest warrants are issued by the courts, not the police. The police do not have discretion to arrest someone or not if a court has issued a warrant, he said.

Sutter acknowledged that whether proper protocol was followed or not, there is a perception that such arrests are improper.

“Regardless of it being 100 percent proper in the eyes of the law, there is a perception because of race. This is a problem for me. It is a problem that is real, and needs to be addressed,” Sutter told the Council. “Neither I or nor the department is taking a defensive stance on this. There has been a lot of conversation about this. Regardless of how it is legally adjudicated, we have to be extremely sympathetic to this perception.”

Sutter said he thought recently that the police department was doing a very good job in the community addressing perceptions, but that the events of the last few days show that more work needs to be done.

“No matter what the facts are, we need to  listen to perspectives and get better,” he said.  “We’ve learned that there is a mistrust of law enforcement in our country. It is real.”

Sutter said while normal procedure would call for an internal affairs investigation, he referred the incident to the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office so that an unbiased third party can review the incident. He added that he feels strongly that it would be good to let the public see the video of the arrest and make their own decisions about whether it was right or wrong.

“But it has unintended consequences,” he said. “We have to consider the dignity of the person involved. The last thing I want to do is bring more pressure or scrutiny of person involved.”

He added that he welcomes open dialogue on policing issues.

“I’m completely open to criticism and critique, and I’m empathetic,” he said.

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  • This is the twisted, liberal, mentality of the sh*t stains responsible for educating our children. I say round them all up, along with the Traitor-in-Chief, Hillary Rob-’em Clinton and Bernie the-Commie Sanders and ship them over to Mosul for one, big Black Lives Matter rally.

  • When your existence is based on finding bias and racism, you’ll find it even where it doesn’t exist.

  • So, are you admitting that she was wrong to lie about what transpired and should apologize or are we still supposed to excuse her?

  • I bet she also deplores the totally accurate stereotype about how blacks are lawless

    it has nothing to do with your race, you racist pig. You were treated the same as anyone who is being arrested. Your not special because your black, or a professor at Princeton. You break the law, you pay the price. You were NOT molested, you were checked for weapons the same as any criminal being arrested.
    The color of your skin does not give you a free pass. You were not a slave, you were not held down by the white man. Seems to me that you and the BLM group and its supporters see nothing BUT the color of your skin. That my dear professor is the definition of racism.

  • Look she’s a 1%er that’s above the law. Get with the program. Suspended license, speeding, get that away from here….

  • Does she teach any of these? Introduction to Imaginary Racism; Personal Responsibility as an Abstract Concept; Modern Theories of Denial; Victimization Strategy; 21st Century Reparations for the Unmotivated; Anti-Police Tactics.

  • Doesn’t ANYONE have the balls to just tell her she should be embarrassed and humble, straighten out her affairs and set an example? With a Harvard education this woman can’t seem to recognize that her own disregard for following rules resulted in her arrest. She wasn’t arrested for a parking ticket or tickets. The arrest was because she (1) failed to pay a parking ticket or tickets; (2) ignored all of the various notices about paying the tickets; (3) ignored the notice that her license would be suspended; (4) ignored the notice of the actual license suspension; and (5) continued to drive without a valid license until caught for speeding. Harvard should revoke her academic degrees, because apparently this woman cannot read. Any normal person would have felt stupid and contrite, do what was needed to undo the license suspension and STFU! Sadly Dr. Perry and those responding with idiotic sympathy exemplify the sad state of personal responsibility in our country. Shame on Princeton for not condemning her racist rant.

  • Does Sutter think at all before speaking? It doesn’t matter that that it was 100% proper, it is wrong if the black professor thinks it is? Are you kidding? It doesn’t mean the police have to “get better”. It means black professors need to stop looking for racism where it doesn’t exist. Get over yourselves.

  • Princeton…Yale….Harvard…..Stanford

    and Americans can’t figure out why the United States of America has had 40 years of trade deficits and has added over $18.5 trillion dollars of DEBT on the shoulders of We the People since 1975.

    America is made up of laws….

    not for U…

    not for them…

    not for a color…

    not for a male…

    not for a female…

    but for all Americans to follow…


    Why has this article been written…

  • ALL the above crap liberally interpreted, it boils down to THIS: ‘I’m black and the law be DAMNED, I deserve special treatment’. Hey sweetheart, try paying the damn ticket next time and DON’T drive without a valid license. WHAT part of following the laws of the state of Pennsylvania don’t you understand? Or, do we need to send your black ass BACK to school to learn how to follow the law?

  • Doctor Perry was Pulled over for speeding.She was driving with a suspended license.
    She had outstanding tickets.
    That’s three driving incidents.
    Shee did not follow the law.
    This had nothing to do with race.
    I am shocked that University made this about race with her.
    I believe she was scared,angry and insulted.
    Twitter rant?I would be embarrassed.
    She was wrong to do that.
    Doctor Perry broke the law.
    This is a person we all look up to.When your wrong….your wrong.

  • I was in the Princeton Library recently. 3 African-Amer girls, ~12-13 yrs old, were talking loudly on the side of the reading room. The librarian (60-yr old white man) politely asked them to speak more softly. One of them said, “you can’t talk to me like that, I’m a strong black woman.” Librarian politely repeated the request to speak softly. Other girl said, “you can’t talk to us like that, that’s racial harassment.”

    This is what the kids are taking away when people like Imani Perry cry wolf. It will do damage to the black community in so many ways. The police will under-police black neighborhoods because they are scared of nonsense like this. If you are a small business, you need to think twice about hiring a black person. What if you have to reprimand them or lay them off for legitimate reasons, you have to worry they’ll come back with this nonsense.

  • I am so glad my daughter decided not to go here after all. This kind of crap by their professor would just turn her stomach inside out and upside down. This is so disgraceful.

  • Nonsense! She continues to outrage and play the victim in her posts, the latest handwringing soaker presumptively titled The End. As though she could summarily close this sordid chapter and waltz on without any consequences to her actions. What comes across her writings is an enormous sense of entitlement and privilege. Why stop at a female officer for the pat down and cuffing? To eliminate all trauma to this wallflower dripping with grievances, it should be a black female officer with a degree from Harvard. Any wonder that the likes of Trump and his politically-incorrect bluster rise in popularity among so many whites? He, and Perry, are mirror images of each other; privileged, entitled, professional victims. At least there are many sensible people of stature in the country, including conservatives, from the right, and whites who stand up and speak against his divisive rhetoric. Where are the equivalent voices from the left, the liberals, or from the black community who would have the courage to call out Perry? Their cowardice, hypocrisy, and sanctimony ultimately will defeat their cause, as that dead, white, man from a couple of millennia ago, Aesop, had understood; keep crying wolf and there will be no one to turn up when the wolf really appears.

  • None of us are above the law including professors. She should of paid her tickets and not been driving around with a suspended license. Sorry but this has nothing to do with race and everything to do with breaking the law and thinking you are getting away with it. Wow she is some role model.

  • Ms. Perry’s actions over time have exposed some weird stuff going on for sure… just like the actions of that icky Rachel Dolezal. Since Perry’s social outcry rides on the coattails of other Blacks who have genuinely suffered, it’s really up to the Black community to counsel Perry on why “crying wolf” is so offensive & so damaging to others. Truth is important. Being an excellent role model for one’s children & when teaching others’ children is also very important (for those given the blessing & power to shape young lives.)

  • Princeton’s stance on this is preposterous. Its faculty needs to obey the law. Imani Perry has a law degree from Harvard University. It is preposterous to argue that she is ignorant of the consequences of not paying parking tickets and receiving a warrant and license suspension notice in the mail. Princeton’s response to this is a national disgrace. What they ought to be doing is reviewing why they employ arrogant, dissembling scofflaws. Their faculty is supposed to be setting a moral example for the young people of America. Instead they’re telling them that if you are among the entitled elite (eg, the Princeton country club crowd), the laws don’t apply to you.

  • You owe the police department and the officers involved a public apology, President

    The Professor has a lot of explaining to do!

  • President Eisgruber, your initial response to this incident was swift and pointed. Where oh where are you now sir? What or Who do you fear?

  • Time for Princeton U to apologize and thank the local police for their service to the community.

  • The video says it all and she needs to be held accountable for HER behavior! We know neither she nor Eisgruber will offer an apology!

  • I’ve watched the video, no racism at all on the part of the LEO’s…. President eisgruber you owe everyone an apology and this woman needs to be seriously publicly disciplined for lying and trying to incite a racial problem…. if you continue to support her and do nothing, you are as complicit as she is….

  • Good thing it was all recorded so we know she was not mistreated. To the contrary, they were quite accommodating to her! If you don’t want to be stopped/arrested, don’t speed and pay your tickets!!! You have only yourself to blame lady!! And you should probably be fired.

  • My White Privilege has never got me as good a treatment by police as she got. The dash cam and body cam audio / video makes plainly shows the officers apologetic, bending over backward to accommodate this woman, and she repays that with accusations of RACISM! What an unbelievable sense of entitlement!

  • What about the dignity of the police officers not having lies and cries of racism lodged against them based on racial hatred by a criminal?

  • What a terrible woman.

    It’s obvious they were going to let her go until they found out she’s driving w/a suspended license and as a warrant out for her arrest. I’m not sure why a black Princeton professor should be exempt being arrested when there is an arrest warrant in the system?

    And the video footage shows basically that the police cannot win, they were respectful throughout the entire episode, they explained what was happening and why, and yet, still there is the diatribe that it was unfair and based on race.

  • How is that relevant here? Her license was revoked, she drove. (That’s a PERIOD, END OF SENTENCE).

  • But Marcus, we ‘little people’ simply can comprehend the ‘wisdom’ Princeton faculty exhude. They are academics and subject only to the whim of ‘the academy’. They are not subject to the laws to which the great unwashed masses must submit.
    Now, if she had plagerized something, THAT would be a SERIOUS offense!

  • Oh no,liberal goons were distressed,what is this world coming too. Um, University Presidend, get the facts before spouting off. Your bud is a criminal,a liar and makes it an absolute joy to prove those facts.

  • i saw the police cam on another page, they were very respectful, very proper, did not make any comments about racism….constantly gave her a way out of the arrest, but she kept digging herself deeper…their was what appeared a female officer there when she was arrested…..during the arrest they continued to be respectful….told her that all she had to do was pay the outstanding ticket and they would let her go…..they did not let her use her cell phone there, but they are not obligated to do that…. it was all about the fact that the professor was pissed because she got caught, because someone actually had the nerve to stand up to her, and that because she was african american that she was above the law…. princeton president is way off base on this one, and he should be concerned about the conduct of one of his professors, but as always he will take the easy road and defend her.

  • So, let me get this straight, since the professor was Black and the officers white, we should forget the facts and treat these types of situations differently only for the sake of perception? The leftists, in this country, have painted themselves in such a corner they have no other place to go but to panic. How about we just look at the facts and fire the lying professor? Her credibility is forever compromised and to add insult to injury, she helps to form the mush between the ears of the students with whom she comes in contact.

  • Princeton University President, how can you try to push the issue for h being arrested for parking tickets? She was going way over the speed limit, if I remember correctly, 22 miles over, which is reckless driving! She lied and tried to say it was because of her race. It looks like to me the real problem is this Professor who is the real raciest, who it had been different if she was pulled over by someone other then a white officer?? This Officer has a life too, she slander him all over the internet. It seems as if you are part of this problem. She should be held accountable for her actions. What will happen to her for lying and slandering this officer? She had 2 warrants and the officer treated her with only respect.

  • This woman clearly lied, not exaggerated, about her treatment by the police. She was justifiably arrested and was probably also caught lying on video about not being aware of past tickets and a court summons. Assuming she was lying to the police about not being aware of past infractions, then she was consciously acting like an outlaw on the run. And this woman is supposed to be educated in legal matters?

    She willfully and with malicious intent impugned the characters of the police officers that justifiably arrested her and treated her courteously and professionally. This is clear from the video evidence. Her actions towards the police officers are an immoral act.

    All of the above adds up to her termination from her employer. We have to live in a society where truth and accountability and doing unto others as you would have them do unto you actually means something.

    She should be checking the job boards as I write this.

  • I hope the officers sue for defamation of character. I have yet to hear a public apology the same size and scope as her false flag complaint. She should be fired.

  • So where is the apology to the police from Eisgruber and from Perry now that we have seen the dashcam video? 22 over the limit, 2 warrants, a suspended license and nevertheless the police bent over backwards to accommodate her.

  • Her license was suspended in Pennsylvania, so I would guess that was were she had the parking tickets.

  • Surprise, another pandering White guy in charge. The cops followed the law and procedure, case closed. This “leader” needs to grow a spine.

  • Empathic! To what? A person who can’t take responsibility for her not following the law and then trying to turn the situation around so as to blame the police. So I guess being a college professor sets that person to a higher standard then the general public.

  • I wish I could be cut so much slack in my personal life because I do my job well. I sure would love to be 22 mph over any speed limit without fear of being pulled over. I’d love to ignore parking tickets. I’d love to drive on a suspended license with the confidence that the law doesn’t apply to me. I’d love to have the mentality that even if it all caught up with me that I could say, “Hey, I really fly well. I’m a great pilot. Cut me some slack.”

  • Jen, maybe you better watch the videos. They didn’t treat her like a dog. They treated her with respect.

  • Interesting that the “journalist” who wrote the article can barely hold back – and then throws the race card in the second sentence.

  • So the professor illegally speeds, has a warrant out for her arrest for cause (based on illegal or inappropriate action), lies about not knowing she has outstanding tickets, lies about not knowing she has a suspended license, did not correct her address when she moved (maybe because she knew she wouldn’t be able to with a suspended license), then misrepresents the facts on her Tweets, then lies to the University Professor, then has no remorse for her falsehoods… just the type of person I want teaching my kids. Where do we sign up?

  • Now that the video has been released….When does this professor resign? She attempted to ruin an officers career when we can now all see that he was a complete professional during his encounter with the Professor.

    It’s one thing not to take responsibility for your actions, but she attempted to ruin a good officers reputation and/or career.

    Since President Christopher Eisgruber decided to chime in before all the facts were in I would expect him to make a statement very soon. Someone at the University needs to show a little class.

  • To answer your question, I think Ms. Perry is young & a product of a generation that turns to use of social media because it’s her culture. Now she may want to rethink its use & hire Olivia Pope. Ms. Perry has just learned what so many of here already know…. NJ law gives our local police a lot of latitude in a stop & they are enforcers. Right or wrong, the police escalate the intensity in stops here & across our nation all the time here. I have seen (white) grannies in cuffs & innocent elderly professors in tuxedoes & cuffs on Nassau street & I’m really not kidding you about that. While no bystanders around those scenes were the least bit afraid, the police were following ‘procedure”. Some of us jokingly call those cuffs “The Princeton Welcome”. Our police force is so strong & so well equipped that the only item not at their disposal are protective plastic bubbles for their bodies. I think that should be next… like “The Bubble Boy”, they should all bounce around in impenetrable shields, with slots to dispense tickets, cuffs, & bullets. Or, better yet, let’s develop robots to do the job…they may be programmed to be faceless & genderless for stops & pat downs. They may speak kindly like C3PO & have a wisdom chip, eliminating all real reason for complaint here. Many of us would feel safer with that solution. Are there good, even wonderful police officers here?…Absolutely. But, overall, their policies are rooted & applied in fear not humanity.

  • What happened to the officer is so very wrong! It never seems to count when it is an officer that is wronged or harmed! So, I wonder… what do these people think is going to happen when they get rid of all the good officers along with the problem ones?

  • Good thing this happened at Princeton and not at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem NC. At WFU a few years ago, their was a police corporal named Jim Rutledge (from Yadkin County NC) who was laid off/fired because he went by the WFU standard operating procedure manual (used at that time) in handling an incident involving a WFU female professor not being allowed into a campus dance/music event because she did not have her WFU ID card. All the video from the body cams was confiscated by order by the WFU chief of police so it would not be available for any lawsuits by the now-former police corporal. Since NC is a “work at will” state and WFU had no shortage of lawyers to defend themselves, no lawyer would take the case without $10,000 retainer in advance. The point is you can be 100% in the right, with the manual & video backing you up……and still lose your job!

  • Like her demands are so much more than anyone else’s demands in life are.

    FreshAir, if Ms. Perry hadn’t made an issue of her arrest and suggested it was because of her race, she wouldn’t be facing so much public attention. Her choice.

    People aren’t demanding that she be fired because of tickets, it is because of her claim that she was treated differently and trying to make herself a victim, though she was treated like everyone else under those circumstances.

    You want to cry poor her… what about the officers, who were doing their job, and now are being accused of being racists and picking on minorities? People are calling for the death of officers, and things like this only makes matters worse. You think that is okay?

  • no mention of the 45 mph speed limit being exceededby 22mph. Maybe if she hit some one people would wake up.

  • One would think that Dr. Perry might regret many of her actions, both leading to and since this incident, but her Twitter account would seem to indicate otherwise. She continued to rattle the sabers and stir the pot up until the account was taken down this afternoon. Given all of the information that has come to light regarding warrants and standard police procedures, a brief apology for maligning the police before she had all the facts might not silence the critics, but it would certainly make her the bigger person.

  • There is the spirit and then there is the letter of the law. I suspect that the spirit is greatly constrained by the increasingly large and diverse range of populations being served. I imagine that a go with the flow adaptivity, beyond fairness and justice, is what is required to keep ones sanity today. Also, given that technology now records so much of what we say and do, one can either grow a thick skin as overlay to our social nakedness or otherwise shrivel in the uncaring heat or cold.

  • Word on the street is that Ms. Perry isn’t just a good professor, she’s a fantastic professor. Maybe in trying to meet the high expectations that her life in academia demands, some details slipped. Maybe, she paid her old ticket & it wasn’t acknowledged in the system…that actually happens. We really don’t know why Ms Perry was errant, but it’s possible there’s a good explanation. Rarely can these brilliant types who contribute much to society do it all with perfection…no one is perfect. If the tape shows Ms. Perry is angry, that would be no surprise. Why do you demand that she be fired for that? Why do you demand that she be perfect? Have you never been angry? Have you never gone over the speed limit? Really, never ever? Why is it that so many people in Princeton want Blacks who have earned a place in this town removed? The fines, penalties, pat down by the male officer instead of the female, ALL this public scrutiny, & this big public display of disapproval is penalty enough for Ms. Perry. Princeton has proven her right about the her claim of mistreatment with all of this mean fallout. Monica Lewinsky gave a stunning TEDTalk not long ago about how it felt to be publicly shamed. Everyone who wishes Ms. Perry more pain than she is due should listen to that talk, Maybe it will make you rethink your position from that very high pinnacle of perfection you & the many haters here occupy.

  • Thank goodness I don’t live/work or go to school i the Princeton area. This kind of liberal B.S. is what is wrong with our society. Legitimate discrimination should be addressed, but this whining, self righteous individual needs to pay the price and recognize that her illegal actions were the direct cause of her arrest. Get real!

  • When Professor Perry described her arrest on social media, she failed to mention some important details such as why she was stopped by police. She was stopped because she was driving 22 mph over the posted speed limit. When police checked on her driver license, they discovered that it was suspended. Does Professor Perry consider these to be insignificant details? Her status as a member of the university faculty should not influence whether she is held accountable for infractions of laws that govern all of us. If a janitor at the university had been arrested for the same disregard for the law, would there be national headlines about it?

  • Suspended license, bench warrant and 22 over the limit. Three strikes and you’re out.

  • In other words, if you’re an African American Princeton Professor” going 20+ miles over the posted speed limit is not grounds or justified to pull you over. Also previous tickets and a warrant just need to be overlooked…

  • Imani Perry announced on her Facebook feed this afternoon that Princeton PD are releasing the dash cam footage. Presumably we will see it very soon. She is upset that apparently her home address is visible in the footage, so…probably lots more outrage and another 150 comments to come.

  • “Eisgruber is upset that one of his faculty was treated like a regular person.”

    Well said and very true.

  • So what? Your license is revoked. It’s illegal for you to drive, whether the revocation is for DUI or unpaid parking tickets.

  • What the heck, President E. She had an outstanding warrant for her arrest. The warrant was due to her neglect. She should take responsibility for her own mistake. And you for yours. Now you have made Princeton look like it favors special treatment for its professors in circumstances when other people would get arrested. Is that really a good idea?

  • Where was the internal investigation after my arrests for outstanding warrants? Pandering to these race-baiters is not the solution. Standing firm is.

  • Want new policies? Work for them. However, those aren’t the policies in place now. This professor received a parking ticket and failed to pay it. She was treated like EVERYONE else. Then comes the suggestion that she was treated differently because of her skin color. That claim is not only getting old, it is an insult to people who really were treated badly because of their skin color. People like this professor need to adult up and admit when he or she made a mistake.

  • lols.. the internet meme… I’m black and I don’t have to follow the law.. Princeton is a designated and sanctioned “safe place”

    let’s examine the facts

    suspended driver’s license
    unpaid parking ticket (which she most likely blew off)

    what a piece of work. she’s a clown.

  • He is one smug looking dude in that shot, that’s for sure. They should reconsider using that picture.

  • Question: When police get the info that the driver associated with a plate has a revoked driver’s license, do they also automatically get the detail presented to them about WHY the license was revoked? Do they know the license was revoked for parking tickets and not some other reason? In NJ I believe you have have your driver’s license revoked for failure to pay child support. A chronic reckless driver, or repeat DWI driver can have a license revoked, too. When I was pulled over for driving while revoked for parking tickets, the officer claimed not to know why my license was revoked (I had specifically asked if ithe revoke was for parking tickets and I believe the officer said he didn’t know).

  • “Relax; the handcuffs are tight because they’re new. They’ll stretch out after you wear them awhile.”

  • According to a court ruling in 2014, police dashboard cam footage is a public record. I presume Krystal already has an OPRA request in, but I think I will file one just to cover the bases.

  • Decades ago, one of my brothers loaned my car to a friend & that friend proceeded to do something really stupid on Washington Street in my car. I was subpoenaed to appear before a judge in Monument Hall & was easily able to prove that I was out of town at the time. Others offered proof that the driver guilty of the violation wasn’t me as well. My brother testified that he wrongly loaned my car to someone & honestly I think the Judge had to work hard to keep from laughing. My bro & I still laugh about this & I sometimes tease him with this bit of family history when he’s being a pain. Your point is correct…a car owner can be pulled into court for something they’re not guilty of doing.

  • Issuing warrants for parking tickets does seem to be common in New Jersey. But Princeton can chose a new path. California seems to be much more progressive than New Jersey.

  • The way E’s looking down his nose with his arms crossed in that picture is the only thing I find tells me you won’t be getting your apology anytime soon, SFB.

  • I suspect there is more to this. Sutter is strongly hinting that releasing video of the arrest would embarrass Perry. The way folks are carrying on over this, I hope he does release it. Perhaps Planet Princeton can pursue it.

  • Parking tickets are given to the licensed owner of the car, and its not just the town of Princeton. Statewide, stale outstanding parking tickets will eventually lead to a license suspension. In graduate school, holding a NJ drivers license, I received two parking tickets in the same location two successive weekends at the NJ shore. I “forgot” about the tickets, and they eventually followed me around and found me and after receiving a forwarded notice I paid a hefty late and court costs penalty fee which I thought was for both tickets. Once I finally sent the check for what I thought was the fee & late & court penalties for both tickets, I ignored additional notices that followed figuring these were just crossed in the mail with my payments. Unfortunately I had only paid for one of the two tickets and the unresolved other ticket then resulted in the suspension/revoking of my NJ drivers’ license, but I had moved and my mail was not forwarded and I didn’t know this. I was pulled over for a driving with a revoked license and though I quickly resolved the matter, I had to declare this incidence of revocation of my license several times in applications for professional licensing and job applications (… “has your driver’s license ever been revoked in any state for any reason answer yes or no …”). Though I should have learned my lesson, two decades later (also in NJ) I somehow got behind on a parking ticket and the same thing happened again, my NJ license was revoked again, and a warrant was issued for my arrest. This is not uncommon in NJ and its definitely not just Princeton that does this over parking tickets.

  • Eisgruber is upset that one of his faculty was treated like a regular person. He’s entitled to his opinion, but I honestly don’t see why the town should pander to his concerns. Fine, do an investigation. But if it turns out that Dr Perry was treated with all normal due process, I will expect an apology from the University for the accusations that have been leveled against our police department. I also notice that Eisgurber makes no mention of the fact that his faculty member was driving at 67mph through town, which is disgraceful.

  • It would be nice if Eisgruber were also concerned that “a respected scholar and beloved teacher at this University” wasn’t paying her parking tickets, was driving on a suspended license, and was speeding recklessly through town. Or doesn’t character matter anymore for those enshrined in the ivory tower? Ah, but what should we expect–it’s a company town.

  • So she’s driving around with a suspended license, and driving through Princeton at way over the speed limit, and she failed to pay two tickets. And she’s pissed that she was handcuffed? That sounds like someone who considers herself above the law.

  • One has to ask whether the town of Princeton should be issuing bench warrants for people with two unpaid parking tickets. The response of arresting someone doesn’t seem to be proportional to the issue of not paying a fine.

    An internet search shows that there are many towns across the country that don’t issue warrants. If the goal is to collect the fine, one can have additional fines for late payment, plus fees for turning it over to a collection agency, or impounding one’s vehicle. There are solutions to the problem of non-payment that don’t involved arresting people. A progressive town like Princeton should have progressive policies here.

    One also needs to point out that parking tickets are given to cars, and not drivers. So the person driving the car, when pulled over, is not necessarily the person who got the parking tickets.

  • Attempting to cater to everyone’s “perceptions” of events and situations is good way to lose track of what you actually stand for. Have fun down that rabbit hole.

  • Yes not a fan of the current council but Liverman is a good guy and you will find the police respect him.

  • Hey Bob G, Lance Liverman is an excellent human being & respects everyone. The town of Princeton is lucky to have Liverman serving our community on Council. Wish we had more people of his caliber in public service here. Chief Sutter is paid more than any person working full-time for the municipality…he is being well compensated by all of us taxpayers to supervise his staff & to respond to the public about this incident

  • So, lets map this out: President Eisgruber calls the Mayor and the Police Commissioner, both of whom put food on their dining tables with the proceeds from Princeton University checks. The Prez got a ‘rapid response’ and a promise of “an investigation that will be thorough and fair”. Hmmm, how quickly will Public Safety Committee send Chief Sutter over the damn? Two thirds of that Committee are Lempert and Howard; Liverman is the third member – we all know about his driving record . . . I feel sorry for Chief Sutter.

  • Unfortunately, the control of “perceptions” lay beyond any reasonable efforts of those perceived.

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