Subway on Witherspoon Street No Longer in Business

subway witherspoon st princeton

Visitors to the Subway shop at 18 Witherspoon Street were greeted with signs today informing them that the store is closed as of today.

“Subway will be closed for business as of March 16, 2016. Thank you for your patronage,” read the sign. The windows and door are now covered with brown paper.

Plans are in the works to turn the space into a gourmet pizza shop. Jules Thin Crust Pizza, founded in Doylestown, Pa. a decade ago, plans to open a restaurant there in the next few months.

The Subway on Witherspoon Street opened in December of 2004. In July, the same family that owns the Witherspoon Street Subway location closed its other Princeton store on Nassau Street just a few doors down from Hoagie Haven after being open a little more than a year. The family also owns a Subway shop on Route 31 in Pennington.


  1. Speaking of Doylestown, is the “Nina’s Waffles” opening in the other Subway location on Nassau the same as the “Nina’s Waffles” in Doylestown? I’m presuming it is…

  2. I went to Subway once. Like Starbucks, the food there has no taste whatsoever.

    One down, one to go.

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