Princeton Fact Check: Anti-Semitic Graffiti at Grover Park

In a story this week in the Princeton Packet about graffiti found at Grover Park on March 15, Councilwoman Jo Butler said the public was not notified about the graffiti at the park because it was an isolated incident.

This statement is half true. The public was notified of the incident in the March 18 police blotter, but the blotter did not provide details about the wording or symbols that were spray-painted on the basketball court at the park.

The police blotter reads as follows: “Police were dispatched to Grover Park to investigate an act of criminal mischief. The investigation revealed that an unknown actor spray painted offensive graffiti on the basketball courts. The investigation was turned over to the detective bureau for further investigation.”

Police confirmed today that the graffiti included a Star of David with the words  “Gay Jews” written above and below it.  A Swastika was also located within the star. The recreation department cleaned up the graffiti the day it was discovered.


  1. I was under the impression the public should be notified of isolated events. Are we to believe the News is just a confirmation of the status quo?

    Following the story about “Jews v NAZIs beer pong” perhaps antisemitism is the status quo.

  2. I hope this in light of the Nazi Jew beer pong incident creates more of a sense of urgency to educate our children, but it seems like in Princeton everyone’s first instinct with anti-Semitism is to sweep it under the rug. Glad Krystal keeps pulling it out from under.

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